Saturday, 7 February 2009

Blue City And "Those" Comments

While Undercover Dragon is well capable of banging people on the head with his own stick, I feel compelled to bang some of the same heads with mine!

Anonymous comments are fair enough but it is what has been said which caused me to sit up and have a think about things. 

One comment stated that there was too much negativity on the Muscat Confidential blog. They obviously haven't had a chance to read my one! 
Another talked about guns and gays.....and the fact is, my friends, that there's a lot of that going on in Oman and logic states that it will eventually get talked about. 

Now, time for a few facts. 
Oman is stocked full of bad news, negativity, cloak and dagger affairs, skullduggery, corruption, denial, stupidity, ignorance, laziness and racism. 
And if you go next door to the UAE - you will find the same. And Saudi. And Turkey. And Greece, Spain, France, the UK, the USA, the get the picture?

I can't speak for UD, but my blog aimed to bring to light all of the crap that I saw when I lived in Oman, because contrary to the newspapers and tourist bumpf and the radio and the television - all is not fucking well in Oman. 

Human rights violations: All over the place. Ask any housemaid who's been raped by her "owner". Go and have a chat with the Indians that "live" in the wooden huts by the side of the mansion that they are building. 

Driving: More deaths on the roads last year than probably soldiers killed in a war somewhere. 
The numbers in the paper? Just the men! What about the women and they not matter?

Corruption: Bastard landlords who have been told by HM that they cannot raise rents by more than, what is it?, moving people out of their homes because their "sons" are moving in. Bollocks! Paint the place and double the rent - and who's going to reprimand them? Correct! - No one! 

Tourism: Don't even get me started. All one has to do is look back over the past few months for that one. The GCC Conference. FFS! Two days of havoc and for what? A few photographs in the papers with leaders sitting five feet apart from one another. 
Throw the visitors out of the hotels - we meant them to come next year!

Property market: Down the tubes. Sure, there's the recession, but what about the greed and the lies and the shoddy workmanship and the danger? Building inspectors? Hmmm? Will it fall down? Probably! 
Look at The Wave......what's that big thing on the coast? A what? A PUMP? It drains the water off.....and then it gets pumped back out again.....and what happens if it breaks? 
Oh, and yeah sorry....but ehhhhhhh your house is twenty-four inches narrower than we said it would be! 

Anonymous posters: Head out of the sand please. You're a pain in the ass. 
Oman is a great place in some ways - but like the rest of the world, it is faaaaaaar from perfect!