Monday, 30 November 2009

Switzerland Bans Minarets!

The population of Switzerland has voted to ban the building of minarets in its country.
The proposal to ban minarets, apart from the four existing ones, was put forward by the Swiss People's Party which said that minarets are a sign of "Islamisation" and that banning the tower-like structures, would assist in the elimination of extremist tendencies.

The government is now preparing itself for a potential backlash from Muslim groups both inside and outside of Switzerland.

Justice Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf said that a ban on the construction of new minarets was "not a rejection of the Muslim community, religion or culture."

So, essentially, what she is saying is that rejecting an important piece of Islamic traditional architecture is not actually "rejecting" it, it is just well......rejecting it!

Why not tear down the church towers as well? Or is that different?

Let me tell you something folks....and listen up good....this world is on its way into a state of turmoil and civil unrest like nothing we have ever seen before, and the sad part is that as a common people outside of religion, we are all being played as pawns in some sick game designed to bring us all together under one giant law - "for the good of us all".

It makes me lose sleep, my friends. It really does.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Oman Air PR Nightmare?

So we're all recovered from the big exercise that (pardon the pun) went down over the weekend.
A great job done by all parties concerned however having just had a look at Muscat Mutterings from the ever-entertaining Sythe, I was stunned to see the web-page that the powers that be have decided to put up on the Oman Air website.
This is, in my humble opinion, taking the exercise a step too far. W
ay too far in fact.

You can see the page (if they still have it up) by clicking here.

There's even a rather mawkish statement from the CEO - what on earth were they thinking?

Yes, airlines do post stuff like this on their websites after accidents but seldom to this level of detail. A simple phone number is usually enough. I've never seen anything about body counts and identifying the dead coming up on airline sites before.

Go to any photos of airline crashes from the past and the first thing you will see is the titles and name of the aircraft being covered-up by the airline as no airline wants its name associated with an accident - even if the plane in question is theirs! Accidents and airlines should not be put in the same sentence from a marketing and PR point of view!

Too many presuppositions in this idea. Putting a tiny "exercise" in brackets at the top of the page and repeating it in the text is not enough. People scan webpages - and just seeing the words Salalah and Muscat would be enough to send some folks with families in the region scrambling for mobile phones.
Is there a version in Arabic? What if the reader only has a vague command of the English language. Unnecessary scaring of relatives, friends.......potential future customers! THINK!

And I suppose it would be useless of me to mention how this can further damage the already unstable sales prospects for The Wave.
People will always be people and therefore, as sure as you like, the comment "They must have had a good reason for choosing The Wave." will be echoing around the world at this point.

"Come and buy in The Wave - top quality construction, golf course, sea views and the odd emergency drill in case a 50 ton airliner ends up in your back garden! - not that that will ever happen!"

These things are done worldwide on a monthly basis. But they are done with discretion and certainly not blasted all over the airline's website.

And now that I type this, I've just been informed that Gulf News has picked it up here.

"He said a real aircraft without passengers was placed inside the Wave property behind the Muscat International Airport."........... WTF?!


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Simply Fantastic!....

If you're a whining, self-obessed religious freakshow nutjob, it might be better to not click the link below as you may not be able to deal with how the normal world sees you.

For the rest of you - click here.


Monday, 9 November 2009

Notice To You All

After last week's debacle, I have decided that I can no longer handle doing my weekly and monthly shopping at Carrefour.
It's now just out of hand - nuts!
No trolleys left when I got there in the mid-afternoon. Waited for the yellow-overalled trolley squad to arrive.
I think that anyone in a yellow zoom-bag is of the "special needs" category so I will not make fun of them - although I do believe that allowing them to roam around the carpark with a giant metal train of trolleys is taking things a stretch too far.

And on the subject of special needs - City Centre security staff riding around on the golf-cart at 30kph while families are trying to get to the shops - not funny, not clever, not safe.
You are supposed to be there for safety. I almost killed you with my car the other day. It almost came down to you or the mother and two kids if I had to swerve......and guess who I would have chosen?

Inside Carrefour is now a joke.
You have been here eight years.......time to get it sorted out folks!