Monday, 27 September 2010

I'm Back!......Or Am I?

Well look what we have here!

I turn my back for a few weeks of hard-earned treasure spending during Ramadan and Eid, and have now come back to see that my good friend Undercover Dragon has left for pastures new.

It is indeed sad to lose such a witty and thought-provoking accomplice of the blogosphere, however, as he put so well, the world is trying to rebuild itself after the financial fuck-ups of the past 18 months and the major movers and shakers are being very aggressively head-hunted for new positions within the global recovery.

Oman simply does not cut it anymore for most of us, from a financial perspective.
And while many of my local readers correctly remind me that we are only here to suck up the money available - we DO actually leave a lot behind in terms of experience and value to you as a nation.

Seriously....most of you don't know your arse from your elbow when it comes to business and general how-to-run-things.
From the muppet serving me in the Shell Select, to the one in the office who needs a perpetual training seminar on how to use the photocopier.....the reality is that YOU NEED US....and you will do for a long time.

The alternative is a nation full of head-scratchers and blamers who will eat themselves alive from within.
So to those who have been attacking expats in general - just shut up and let us get on with helping you to build a proper functional place to grow and provide for your children.

Maybe take stock and LISTEN to what we say. LEARN from us. That way.....we will eventually move on and you will have a place of continuing prosperity and functionality - instead of the cadge as cadge can, queue-jumping, false sense of entitlement, that you so sickeningly demonstrate now.

This is Jet Driver's last post on this blog, as like so many others who have gone before me, I have grown tired of making efforts for folks who just don't give a damn about themselves or their country.

The money is no longer enough. I have a better offer. I'm gone. See ya!