Sunday, 19 June 2011

Goodbye Qantab Beach?

It would appear that there are chalk lines down and surveying pins laid at the popular - and very publically used - Qantab Beach.

I had originally thought that they were just going to be paving some road to get better access, however, further enquiries have uncovered plans for two new hotels and a "housing complex". 

Two new hotels? For what? To throw further money away into Oman's already extremely low hotel occupancy rate?
What is the occupancy rate at the three hotel mega-complex that is the Shangri-la, clearly seen from Qantab Beach?

What impact are these new hotels going to have on the local population? 
Another public beach commandeered by the Ministry of Whatever. 
What is this housing complex that has been tagged on? Is it another Barr Al Jissah, millionaire's row type of thing? 
Is it a back-hander? 
More of the corruption that the local population have been protesting against and have been given promises of it being curbed?

This is by far the best local beach in the Muscat area. Now being taken away from the general public. Not on!

Where are the residents of Qantab and the, literally, hundreds of visitors from Muscat going to go of an evening now? 

Shatti Al Qurum? - already full.
Yiti Beach? - nope......that's gone.
Al Sheikh? - we're building stuff there sorry.

Anyone fancy a 90 minute drive to Bimmah or Fins, because that seems to be the only option at this point!

Omanis - your beautiful local resources are being taken away from you to line the pockets of others. 
While I understand the need to develop tourism in the country, I get the feeling that blocking off Qantab and destroying its natural beauty is a step too far.

Any Facebook and Twitter whizzes out there who are ready to set up a web page about this? Would be interesting to see how the public reacts to this as it all seems to have been hushed up - or maybe I am just out of the loop! 

This should not be happening!