Monday, 28 March 2011

This Just About Sums It Up!


Gulf News latest report on students in Sohar.

In Sohar, colleges were shut with students calling for strike, demanding removal of some faculties as well as lowering of passing grades.
Is this future of Oman?

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Now That It Has All Died Down...

So it has been a rather active few weeks in Oman, what with all the whining and the complaining about this, that and the other.

Someone earlier in the month asked me what my opinions on the protests were.
I replied with the following comment:

"No reason in the world to comment about a bunch of lazy, entitlement-deluded idiots who, while looking for the usual Omani 'easy way out' are doing nothing but adding further damage to an already grossly corrupt and flawed system.

It is endemic. The blame culture meets the handout brigade.

You are doomed."

The emailed responses to the above were the typical drivel that one has come to expect from the regulars. There was, however, the marked absence of my good friend OMR, who has probably run out of internet credit and will need to sell his Yaris to feed his surfing habit.

The damage that has been done to Oman over the past few weeks has been nothing sort of massive.
Of course, with the local mentality of looking no further than an extended hand, it has not fully dawned on them that they've gone and royally fucked things.

As Undercover Dragon very gently put it to you the other day, the numbers just don't add up - you are not living in an oil rich nation. 
Add to this a grossly undereducated band of 20 somethings (and don't DARE blame this on the government - you have been given EVERY chance of learning) and you have the shit-fest that is coming very soon.

Just read the placards on some of the protests:
"We want 500 rials a month - and two days off"
This was outside one of the hotels in Muscat.

Sorry. But if you want two days off, then go back to school and get a job that warrants that! You are a hotel worker - you would not be there had you kept your head down in school.....the entitlement mentality here is unreal, as is the naivety!

No real oil wealth: just enough to run the country and give you things like roads and hospitals and schools (hint: which you can use to invest your time in and get a good job).

Dependancy on foreign employment.
"EXPATS OUT!" was another sign, but they failed to write the specifics.
All expats? Or just the ones that have the jobs you want to do?
Getting rid of just the house-workers.....there's your 50,000 jobs right there!
But, ohhhhhhh, you don't want to be sweeping floors and working for another Omani.
Being told what to do? No way!

How many of the local kids would be happy to:
Clean houses
Wash clothes
Wash cars
Clean Toilets
Build villas
Sweep roads
Change tyres
Fill your petrol tank

And don't give me the bullshit "There ARE Omanis doing this!" ok?
There's a handful! And bless them for doing it!

You might notice that this blog post has no real structure to it and apart from the raw information, there is no substance to it either.

Take that as a metaphor!

As I said before.... "You are doomed".
Oil revenue almost gone.
Gas is negligible.
Tourism? Ha! You've wrecked it. The goodwill damage alone will take years to get back.
Back to making clay pots and selling incense. 
It is a crying shame what you are doing to this beautiful nation.

Laziness and greed abound!

Is it too late? Who knows!