Thursday, 29 May 2014

So….How are we all doing?

Well, well, well - what a blast it has been to see Undercover Dragon and Suburban back on the Oman blogosphere. What joy! 
Kind of makes ya want to start pecking at a keyboard and get blogging again, doesn't it? 

I miss the old days. Oman still has so much potential. I got back a few months ago and hadn't even gotten out of the airport before seeing that nothing had changed.

As a friend of mine says, it's all about the question of "How much can I get away with?" 
"This much?" "How about a bit more?". 
I like to extend that question to "How much can he get away with, and still argue the toss when he's collared and told to stop being such a wanker?" (Cue: Wild gesticulation and threats to call the 'Bleese')

The above photo, is typical of where we are at now. Brand new jeep, bought on tick, driven by "Below Average Ahmed" who has gone to Dubai for the weekend. The guy behind and in front of him are effectively boxed in, but who gives a fuck, right? Because it's "Triple A" - All About Ahmed. 

You can bet your bottom dollar that he will get on the plane and sit in the aisle of an exit row and then start a shouting match when told "It's not your seat". 
"But I'm tired, yanni" - "So am I. Sod off!". 

There are awesome Omanis out there, working hard, playing by the rules and yet you just sit there and let shits like this do shit like this. 
Why?... WHY?

I like coming back to have a look around, see friends and talk about where they think the place is going. 
The corruption cases are a very good move and as UD says, HM has gotten the prisons, money laundering and embezzlement rules all sorted out, so no one has a leg to stand on when it comes to serving a spell behind bars. 

But again, everyone appears to be scared shitless about going after the Blue City crowd and the real high-rollers. They tell me the reason for that, is because some of them have enough shit about all the others, to bring down the whole Oman house of cards, and that wouldn't be a good thing… or would it? 

So, there you have it, more of the usual from me. 
Same old same old in Muscat as well. 
As I have said before, it gets old, there is more money outside of the region now, and that's why I left. Oman isn't, despite what they try to sell you, the centre of everything. 
And with these new visa rules… good luck getting expats to come in and work for you. Oh, but sorry I forgot, you don't need us.

Bring on your comments...