Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Rock Bottom Bouncers Assaulting Customers Again!

It has been brought to my attention that the Rock Bottom management have started racial profiling again on their entrance - something to do with skin color being associated with the amount of money that you have to pay to get in.

Those who object to being segregated and discriminated against because of their ethnic origin or, in some cases, excessive sun-tan, can expect to have their face smashed in by a somewhat disproportionate ratio of about 15 bouncers to 1 customer.

The above actions assume some form of legal immunity from arrest for the staff of Rock Bottom. 
One wonders what the deal is. Free entry and drinks for Muscat's finest maybe? Who knows?

You can read more about it here on Muscat Mutterings.

So maybe it is time to have a long hard look at whether or not you want to risk getting a beating during your night out around town.

The bottom line in this blogger's opinion is that there are far better establishments for folks to go and have a burger, a drink and a dance in than the paltry efforts for Ramee Guestline Hotel and the attached after-thought that is Rock Bottom. 

Where I come from, places that use excessive force on their patrons get boycotted for better venues.

Maybe the venerable Andy In Oman can get do a night-life review for us. 
His restaurant review blogs have changed my social life in Muscat, and I highly recommend you read his blog.