Friday, 31 October 2008

A Motoring Revelation!

There's a new kid on the block in the luxury mid-range sedan market!
Lots of hype and posters advertising it.
Close-ups of streamlined fairings, crystal-edged indicators, xenon headlamps and dual layer metallic paint.

The thought that brought a smirk to my face was the fact that the locals will be queueing up to buy a car named after the first book of the Bible!

Yes folks, the Hyundai Genesis has arrived at a showroom near you!

It's right here:

Ok, not the worst faux pas of the year but amusing none the less.
So many new cars on the market and now they are fast running out of names to call them.
But hey, some bright spark in Korea has realised that there are 66 humdinger names to pick from in the Good Book!

What is it about Korea and subliminal preaching?
One would think that they learned from the recent goings-on in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I was wondering if Hyundai were planning a whole series of "biblical" models?
The Hyundai Exodus or the Ecclesiastes Coupé, perhaps?

Could this be the answer to the shortage of car names?
Will others jump on the religious bandwagon?

Check out the new Fiat Ramadan - coming soon.......maybe!

Shatti Hamster Wheel

Looking in at Undercover Dragon's article about the boy racers....can anyone tell me what the attraction is for the locals to drive round and round for an hour in the small circle that is the car park at Starbucks down at Shatti?

Anyone? No?

It has the makings of a great place for people to sit and have a coffee and a chat and relax along the sea front.

However, it all gets messed up by the modified exhausts, the revving of engines and the thump of the chronically bad Raj or Arabic dance music coming out of souped up Daihatsu Serions and Toyota Corollas.

Five times around Shatti car park and then head up to Al Sarooj and block the roadabout at the Al Masa for two hours.

All I want is 2 litres of milk from Al Fair, but nope - the bastards have blocked off access there as well so it now takes an hour to get some low-fat action.

Then we have the rich kids in the Mustangs and the Corvettes with the arrogance that goes with having one, and lately, the dickheads on their Harleys who seem to think that deafening all and sundry is cool, and that chicks actually dig all this........they don't!

No one is impressed by the lumps of plastic that you have stuck on to the side of your car in an effort to make it more "Extreme" - no one that is, except for the other muppets like you that hang around in lawn chairs by the side of the road at Muscat Pharmacy and McDonalds. (What is that all about?) "Chillin' with my homies in ma Carrefour cheya mo-fo!"

And while I am on the subject of cars...

Locals (and I specify locals as I don't see expats doing this) - I don't care if you are only going to take five minutes and you think it's ok......blocking the exit from the Shatti car park with your Nissan Armada house on wheels so that you can use the ATM or go and shake hands and shoot the shit with your cousins outside Costa's is NOT OK!

Give it up!

Cleared For Takeoff....

Having been reading the highly informative and educational submissions from Undercover Dragon and the cutting edge wit of Suburban and others on blogspot, I have decided to dive headlong into the Muscat blogging community and say my piece from time to time.

This will more than likely be my usual spleen-venting that is normally done at home or on the drive back from work.

Have to thank my especially tolerant girlfriend who's ear gets bent more times than she really deserves!

Here we go....