Thursday, 22 January 2015

Update: Oman Air Paris Airport Incident

I kept quiet about this until I was sure that the incident happened in the same airport blackspot that I thought it has occurred in. 

There have been no less than 6 taxiway excursions with 4 (now 5, yanni) needing to be removed by a tow-truck. 

The NO LEFT TURN signs are massive and I fail to see how these could have been missed by the crew. 
Are Oman Air still taking the "quick-thinking professional crew" line? 

This was such an issue at Paris that the airport authorities released an international warning about it!
Was this crew provided with a copy of that circular to read? 
And even they never read it, did they not see the sign? 
So many questions. 

A genuine error is all well and good. Every crew has the ability to make mistakes, but don't start lauding incompetence! 
Respect the NO RIGHT / NO LEFT TURN signs. It's not the Muscat Expressway, boys! 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Oman Air Pilots Save The Day…

Well, I just saw this wonderful article in the Times Of Oman with Oman Air tweeting about the quick thinking and professionalism of the Oman Air Airbus A330 crew who averted significant damage to their aircraft after its landing gear got stuck in the grass at Paris Charles De Gaulle airport. 

But surely the key question is: How did this situation arise in the first place? 
Was it an Air Traffic Control error, or was it due to a mistake by the crew? 
With such quick thinking and professionalism on board the aircraft, it can only be the former? Right?

I think I will forward this article to the Guild of Airline Pilots and Navigators in the UK for consideration for their Superior Airmanship Award. 
Such professionalism deserves international recognition. 
It would be a great boost for the current Oman tourism drive, especially as, according to my sources, the crew are Omani. 

"Safe In Our Hands".

Unless of course, there was a cockpit balls-up and this is a PR disaster aversion operation by Oman Air, (who must clearly be unaware of the hundreds of aviation professionals who read the newspapers). 

One awaits further news as the Times of Oman and Oman Air have yet to explain what actually happened…