Monday, 28 March 2011

This Just About Sums It Up!


Gulf News latest report on students in Sohar.

In Sohar, colleges were shut with students calling for strike, demanding removal of some faculties as well as lowering of passing grades.
Is this future of Oman?


Mimi said...

Yeah. Omanis have a very promising future ahead of them -_-

I can't believe they can be annoying to this extent.

Anonymous said...

Yes this is the future and they are destined for that.,

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

We will do our best to speak to the ignorant ones and inform them of what they do not know, and inshaAllah change weak minds to want more of themselves, before asking it of others and their country. InshaAllah.

All educated and hardworking Omanis must and should speak out with patience, because so many are acting like children, and have the concepts of children too long indulged.


[typed by OPNO cuz ;D MOP's english writing skills suck:D]

Anonymous said...

This is all just crazy!!
i think every country has its idiots, regular and special people. but i believe we will come out of this crisis stronger as a nation.