Sunday, 30 January 2011

New ROP Road Safety Tactics

Nice to see that the ROP have begun plain-clothes operations on the roads here in Muscat.
I'd been wondering for years why there were no undercover road traffic officers driving "normal" really does make a difference.

Nothing more annoying than watching all the "goody-two-shoes" demonstrations from folks when a blue and white is driving along the motorway, only to watch the same cretins tailgating a few moments later when the "danger" has passed.

Driving on the new expressway has become particularly hazardous as there are still no permanent speed cameras in place, so folks are doing insane types of driving. 
One had an altercation with a local driver a while ago who cut across me and two others doing about 160kph and proceeded to slam on and flash the guy in front of me to get out of the way.

When I was lucky enough to come side by side with him at the traffic lights, his bravado outweighed his intelligence and he offered me a discussion at the side of the road which I was more than happy to partake in. 
Having already called the ROP before this, he was astonished to find them pull up alongside us as he got out of the car.
Suddenly it was all my fault...I was the bad-guy, doing the dangerous driving and flashing my lights at him.

Ahhhh, but hold on.....Mrs. Jet Driver had wanted to show her family the lovely new motorway with the mountain view - so had video'd the whole incident with her new camera. You've got to love technology.
There he was, in all his High Definition glory!
As you can imagine, he didn't have an answer for that......but the cops did!

Saddest part, and the thing that made me call the police in the first place?
He had his young wife and toddlers in the car with him.

Well done ROP on another leap up the policing progress ladder.
I think it's great!


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...


LOL, same goes for the ROP investigating the drug dealers.

ROP have a certain haircut. The drug dealers avoid this hair cut. The undercover ROP trying to get in with the drug dealers? Fellas, they know your standardized haircut. You might as well be driving your patrol car asking where to buy some heroine, it will do you as much good.

fred_says said...

how on earth did you get the ROP to respond so quickly?! do you have a special number to call?

when we last tried to call the ROP at the station (because our neighbour down the street's house alarm was going off and dodgy looking characters going in and out) it took 10 minutes to explain (sadly I do not speak arabic) and they never turned up.

Jet Driver said...


Drugs in Oman?
There are no drugs in Oman.
Everything is fine here! :)


They had a car on the strip at the time.
But yes....I might just have a number :)


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Btw, I missed your wedding.

Mabruk to you & the Mrs.

Jet Driver said...


You missed my wedding?
It was 10 years ago!


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

JD: Really?!

Oh totally misread a very old post on this blog when I first started reading it then.

Erase my comment if you'd wish cuz I feel like an idiot.

Congrats on making it ten years then :)

Desertman said...

You're married!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

JD Any views on whats going on in Bahrain? Its on every Omani's mind I think.

Mimi said...

I've seen undercover officers arresting an Omani young man when I was 9 or 10. It was so exciting. One of the officers was wearing Pakistani clothes.

Anonymous said...

JD, you alive?

Anonymous said...

I wonder where he's gone. Im surprised he hasn't been commenting on the protests...

Jet Driver said...

No reason in the world to comment about a bunch of lazy, entitlement-deluded idiots who, while looking for the usual Omani 'easy way out' are doing nothing but adding further damage to an already grossly corrupt and flawed system.

It is endemic. The blame culture meets the handout brigade.

You are doomed.


Sultan said...

Hi JD, do you have email?