Wednesday, 11 June 2014

We don't need tourists anyway...

Have just been looking at the Times of Oman report about the Majlis Al Shura pushing to ban the sale of alcohol in the Sultanate in an attempt to curb the spread of alcoholism. 

What a stroke of genius!

The group was put into place to give the Omani people a proper voice so that they could air their views and have them carried up the political ladder albeit in a "Chinese Whispers" kind of way. (With no personal or business concerns added on, of course.)

The Majlis are likely to recommend a ban on alcohol in public places like bars and nightclubs. 
When you think about it, this perfectly compliments the removal of dance bands from the above bars, effectively turning them into silent, empty rooms. 

The flip side is, those rooms could then be used as alcohol treatment centres, and once rehabilitated, the patients could be given jobs by the same companies responsible for giving them alcoholism in the first place. (Assuming they have jobs available in an empty frickin' hotel!)

The impact on the tourist trade will be minimal according to the scientists down there "...because tourists mainly come to experience the country." 

And I loved this gem of justificational logic:

"It may be recalled that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have completely banned the sale and consumption of alcohol." - and just look at how sky-high their tourist revenues are. Oh, but wait, they don't need tourists because unlike Oman, they both have a massive revenue stream from fossil fuels. 

"No! In Oman we are the same, yanni. We have oil and gas and Bee-Dee-Yoh….." - Shut up! You're not and you don't!

Let's just remind ourselves of the standard behavioural pattern of the average tourist in Oman. 
They want to get up early, drive to the interior, go for a walk and take a few photos and then go back to their five-star hotel, sit by the pool and order a non-alcoholic beverage, followed by a $100 steak dinner washed down with a Coke. 
Yeah… right!

Anyway, I could talk rings around this, but I don't have time today. 
(I wonder if they could also push to ban a certain organic element to curb the spread of stupidity while they're at it.) 

Undercover Dragon summed it up a while back with the phrase "Creeping Wahhabism". 

"The best argument against democracy, is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

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Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

I totally get the point of your post--- and Muscat COnfidential---but his title on that post DIDN'T sum it up because a. Omanis pushing for these things Ibadhi----not Wahabi, and Wahabism as a term is used totally incorrectly, which always irritates me. If you are going to talk about politics and ignorance, do that, I love to read that. If you are going to talk about extremism, do that, I love that. But use the correct terms, or it is, not just offensive, but inaccurate. Not that Times of Oman or like, Fox News are awesome examples of accuracy... taht's why I really love Suburban you know... she writes about these things (and don't get me wrong---I love your blog and Muscat COnfidential as well) but her accuracy and lack of using stereotypes.... really helps me focus on the topic of the post, not something that, you know, draws attention away from the point of your post.

Welcome back:). Please don't suddenly close the blog.