Thursday, 22 January 2015

Update: Oman Air Paris Airport Incident

I kept quiet about this until I was sure that the incident happened in the same airport blackspot that I thought it has occurred in. 

There have been no less than 6 taxiway excursions with 4 (now 5, yanni) needing to be removed by a tow-truck. 

The NO LEFT TURN signs are massive and I fail to see how these could have been missed by the crew. 
Are Oman Air still taking the "quick-thinking professional crew" line? 

This was such an issue at Paris that the airport authorities released an international warning about it!
Was this crew provided with a copy of that circular to read? 
And even they never read it, did they not see the sign? 
So many questions. 

A genuine error is all well and good. Every crew has the ability to make mistakes, but don't start lauding incompetence! 
Respect the NO RIGHT / NO LEFT TURN signs. It's not the Muscat Expressway, boys! 


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