Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Carrefour Follow Up

Sorry about that folks! - was away for some nice R2I, I mean, R&R.....yes, that's it - for the past few weeks.

Ah, but no sooner did I get back to beautiful Muscat that I had occasion to drive up the ramp to Carrefour once again. This time, behind a Toyota flat-bed lorry with about 300 four-metre lengths of black, plastic piping. 

The scene unfolded with my sub-continent friend ripping across two lanes of the His Majesty's Highway, with the customary tap on the brakes just as he pulls in front of me - to add to the infringement, and also to my stress.

I flick my high-beams to warn him about the "you're gonna have a bad day" limitation device, and with seconds to spare, he cops it and slows down - his sidekick sticking his noggin out the window to gauge the space. They made it by what I imagine to be about 5mm, but from my distance it looked an imperceivable amount.

A quick flash of the hazard lights and a wave through the mirror and all was well. Jet Driver's good deed for the day had been done. 

However......there is another limitation device at the top of the ramp and logic would dictate that it would be the same size as the other one, and I am assuming that it was this logic that was at work as our main character sped up the tarmac towards Safety Device Number 2, with wild abandon.
He made it through the last barrier with 5mm to spare, so no reason why he shouldn'.....

The plastic pipes hit the top of the barrier at around 60 kph, and the resulting needle-like shrapnel shower would give any scene from "The Matrix" a run for its money. 
Time slowed down. Everything now in very slow motion: my avoiding action, braking and swerving, dodging shards and other chunks of debris, then full chat as the traction control kicked in - almost through, ahhhhh, sidekick is opening his bloody door, more power, blast the horn, brakes on again, quick look in the mirror. Daniel Craig would have been proud. 

"Everything ok, mate?"

"What I tell boss?" was all he kept saying as I drove away.


omanobserver said...

I didn't realse Airbus pilots needed R2I. The JD plot thickens.

Muscato said...

"What I tell boss?"?

"Me idiot" is all that springs to mind...

Jet Driver said...


all is not as it seems...



boxster said...

Have you seen Daniel Craig in Defiance?

Jet Driver said...


not yet - is it good?
kind of hard to watch him in anything else now that he has more or less stereotyped himself as Bond.

i have the same kind of trouble with Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan in "other" films.


farkknight said...

aH! The wonderful carrefour ramp. I think the contractors just take a beam and cut it out at the required height by sight, who needs measurements when it is going to come down sooner or later anyway! :)

P.S. That idiotic personality was doing 60 approaching the 2nd barrier??!! What was he planning to do? Go straight ahead from the ramp??


omanobserver said...

What did you say that UD thought too risky?

Anonymous Lurker said...

It says it was removed by the author - and I read the comment earlier in the day and it didn't seem particularly exciting. And now I forget what it said. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

As for the Jet Driver having an R21... misdirection maybe... who knows? I don't even care. Just stop being lazy and blog more funny shit.


omanobserver said...

Neither of us said R21 but don't worry about it.

Regarding more funny shit, I'll try.


Anonymous said...

I've got a pic of Jet Driver at the controls of a VVVVIP's plane. How do I get it posted?? (at least UD has an email address)

Jet Driver said...


Was I there with permission?


Anonymous said...


Definitely with permission. Don't worry, I'll blank out the face. Also pictures of interior of this particular plane :)

Where do I send the pictures?
I'm sure the readers are keen to see them


Jet Driver said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jet Driver said...

)muscat.jetdriver( AT )googlemail( DOT com