Thursday, 11 February 2010


The following story was brought to my attention last night and I was bemused that the incident did not make the papers - at least to my knowledge.

Apparently three or maybe four Indian or Pakistani building site workers were electrocuted a few weeks back while wheeling a scaffolding tower around outside and striking overhead lines in Mawaleh.

An eye-witness told me that they had objected to moving it because of the cable danger, but their "handler" (who wasn't going to be touching the metal scaff-bars anyway) told them to get a move on and that it was fine!

The witness said that there was a flash and all the men were burned and died.
(Sounds like they were high tension lines to me.)

Has anyone else out there got any info on the above?


Anonymous said...

2 People died in the incident if i am not wrong and 2 more seriously injured.

It was a clear ignorance of HSE policies when the work was being carried out, head this from the SQU H where the injured were taken to.

Jet Driver said...


Thanks for the info.

I wonder if the employers will give a FAIR pay out to the families of those involved or will they just give a shrug and blame it on the workers.

After all, that would be the "local" thing to do wouldn't it?


Nadia said...

What a tragedy. It wasn't reported in the papers.