Sunday, 28 February 2010

Omani Space Program

It is rumored that NASA has expressed an interest in setting up an Intergalactic Exploration Training College here, in order to expand the existing Omani Space Program.

NASA claims that the higher than average number of space-cadets in Muscat makes it the ideal place for a strategic interstellar launch site.

In anticipation of the opening of this new centre of excellence, a purpose-built "launch ramp" has been constructed on the outskirts of the city.

However, efforts to make Oman's first trip into space have been overshadowed by the loss of "Baisa Bus One" which having confused flag waving well-wishers for fare-paying passengers, veered off course during launch and exploded into the side wall of Mission Control.

OSP representative Nasser Bin Tumoon said that while the loss was tragic, that it will only go to further strengthen the resolve of the space team.


Anonymous said...

Very good JD.


Nadia said...

You're hilarious.

The Restless Quill said...

haha. you're also crazy.

Suburban said...

Hilarious! Where is this Launch Ramp Located?

Undercover Dragon said...

About time you lazy fly boy...

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muscateeress said...

loving, loving, loving "Bin Tamoon", can't stop giggling.....thank you xx

Jet Driver said...


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Anonymous said...

never heard about this before.
Any more information about the college and center?

Jet Driver said...


Yeah - there are leaflets available at the Ministry of Manpower counter in City Centre.