Sunday, 14 March 2010

Goodbye Gulf Air!

Somebody has gone and fucked what is left of Gulf Air.

The Jet Driver usually travels First Class and has a tendency to use Gulf Air, not for the fact that I like the retro design on their planes, but, because for me, their level of cabin service in First is exemplary - and kicks the ass out of what the rest of the GCC has to offer.

I get my own Sky Chef - and I say "my own" because usually I am in the First Class Cabin alone because due to the global recession, my usual Gulf Air travel buddies have had their purse strings tightened and so are now traveling with the other peasants in Economy.

The Business Class section is always at around fifty per cent capacity, therefore, no upgrades from the wannabes in there, so invariably - Jet Driver gets First Class to himself - until now.

Welcome to the wonderful new fuck-up marketing policy from Gulf Air that is "Golden Falcon."
They've combined Business with First - however only some seats have Sleeper Seats while the rest of the cabin have the usual business-level "almost" lie-flat system.
Gulf Air claim that if you buy a Golden Falcon ticket that, depending on the ticket type code, you will be allowed to use one of the premium seats but if you do not have that J, K or whatever, then you are doomed to a "normal" Business Class seat.

"So what?" I hear you ask.'s what.
Hiding behind this so-called revolutionary new Golden Falcon service is the rather dark fact that Gulf Air are using this as a tactic to reduce staff numbers on board their aircraft.

Traditionally, there were 24 seats in Business and only 8 in First - normally occupied by just one person.......Jet Driver! - who is always going to be booking himself on First Class anyway - so the whole "you could be a winner with Golden Falcon" doesn't mean shit to me.

What does mean shit to me however, is the fact that MY two cabin crew members and Sky Chef are now dealing with both the First AND Business Class cabins with NO ADDITIONAL SUPPORT!

They now have to serve a potential 32 people instead of a previous potential maximum of 8.
So I now get 80% less service! - I was appalled!

No proper setting up of my dinner service.
No "Some more port before bed, Mr. Jet Driver?"
No more tender loving care from gorgeous, uniformed babes!
No turn-down service. - (which was about the only time that JD ever gets "turned down")

Gulf Air - you have fucked it! Literally!
I'll give you a year before you have to either change it or close down!
You are supposed to be a LEGACY CARRIER!

First and Business! You cannot combine them - we are different types of passenger.
Business Class is "Nigel" from management at HSBC.
First Class is, as was the other day, Alain Prost and Jet Driver! (He was also appalled!)

What this says is....."We are the only airline in the Middle East who have to make cut-backs because we cannot attract as many "high net worth" passengers, so we will just slowly die as the RyanAir or EasyJet of the Middle East.

Well - not with my money you won't! I'm off to NetJets!


Anonymous said...

Just suck it up you big poof!
Its a recession and Gulf Air are a "zombie" broke-ass business and have been for years!
Why not just book 1st on Etihad/Qatar/Emirates and vote with your wallet?
Or have you got too many freebie miles with GA to burn thru???
just askin....

Anonymous said...

What a baby

Grow up will you.

Anonymous said...

My sympothies for the staff who need to put up with your attitude !!
Why dont you hire a plane on your own ?
Or just shut up if you dont have anything else to say

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a bed-wetter...

Angry In Oman said...

Way to throw your teddy out the pram... do you need a hankie?

Sythe said...

This means bugger all to me, and if it means so much to you, perhaps you should fly with another airline? :)

Spectacular grumble though.


Now, where did I put my silver spoon?

Anonymous said...

If you have a ticket for a seat in first clas, you expect first class service. Period.

Anonymous said...

Why do you fly Gulf Air? They're not the best in the Gulf. In fact, they've been rubbish for ages and will probably shut down relatively soon.

Surely such a sophisticated expat type as yourself must know that Emirates/Qatar are miles better.

-Omani in US

Amber said...

No turn-down service. - (which was about the only time that JD ever gets "turned down")

Bwahahahahaaaa! Excellent.

Undercover Dragon said...


Sympathetic tho I am, 'complaints' combined with 'Gulf Air', well Duh

You get what you pay for mate.

In down at heel Emirates you get your own mini hotel suite.

And, no one likes a whiner, as evidenced by the cattle class above.

Jet Driver said...

UD, Amber, Omani in Us et al

Gulf Air have more convenient departures for Jet Driver's travel schedule.
I simply do not have time to sit for three or four hours in a First Class Lounge.

First Class service on GF is still eons ahead of anyone else in the GCC. I have done the Emirates "sheds" and found them to the excellent inside, but cabin crew did not give a toss.

Last time I flew Qatar Airways First, they ran out of water half way through the trip, and seemed to find it perfectly acceptable to let every Tom, Dick and Harry to traipse through the cabin to use the toilets.

"Ooohhh wow! Look at these seats! And.....hand-cream! Jesus! Take some of that back to the girls.....oh and are those muffins and dates?"



"My sympothies for the staff who need to put up with your attitude !!"

No attitude at all is necessary on GF because the crew are all great!

"Why dont you hire a plane on your own ?"
I am......READ the fucking post!


Anonymous said...

Moaning prick

Sythe said...

Oi, you slacker!

Please resume the amusing blogs. More along the lines of "Baisa Bus One" please :)

Did you read Eternally Distracted's rant on her blog lately?

Anonymous said...

The fact that you are using the PC and that you are blogging indicate that you are above 12 years old. How about start acting accordingly?
You must realize (ie u cannot be THAT dumb)that your comments is like shooting your foot, at least regarding your emotional IQ! Check with a specialist...
And be careful, growing up can be a painful procedure...

Stimulus said...

I must admit, you do sound like a brat in this post...

nikkivontease said...

oh JD you do make me laugh, you sound like a down right sexy brat ;) and all the rest are just jealous that you travel first class all the time ;)

Everyone needs to grow a pair and just catch up with the humor in the post.

With regards to GF combining cabins, that is only done on short trips, as i am a die hard GF traveler my self its only on the A320 aircraft & and another one.

All long-haul flights, u get your first class service. ur own chef. & some ice cream to go with that to cool u down when u get too hot receiving all this ' easy ' attention from the cabinscrew chicks ;)

nikkivontease said...

business is changing. you are right.

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