Saturday, 6 March 2010

Muscat Confidential Blocked By Omantel

Have tried to access The Dragon's blog all morning but all I get is the "Blocked by popular demand" message from Omantel.

Are they just updating their system or has someone finally lost their mind at Omantel?

Guys.....come on! The implications of blocking this are massive.



Pessimisticaly Optimistic said...

I had his site open at 8:00 this morning.
Had linked toread the comments on his excellent gay-lesbian article. when i tried to refresh the page shortly after lunch it was blocked.
I honestly can't believe Omantel would be so stupid as to block this for any reason!
Start shouting everyone - let Omantel know what you think!

Clare said...

You can't believe Omantel? Man, I stopped being surprised with what they found 'objectionable' long ago....put nothing past them.

Undercover Dragon said...


Thanks for the support for Muscat Confidential! Although of course Omantel don't feel a need to actually justify such unilateral action, I suspect it was that photo posted a couple of days ago of two women kissing that did it.

Despite, IMHO, it being a pretty tame photo, the connection between it, the story it accompanied about an Omani bi-lesbian, and the fact that the girls looked Omani, offended some people (I think a small minority of my readers) and it was probably enough to justify a block.

FYI, the photo has now been removed, and hopefully Omantel will unblock me as quickly as they did Community Queer last month, in response to emails requesting that they do so.

I'll also be making some direct representations to the powers that be.

So, thanks for the support people. If you want MC to be unblocked (especially now the suspect photo has been removed), just fill in the nice form provided by the Omantel net-censors!

Note: viewers from outside Oman are not affected.

Shatti said...

Email the top man directly:

Your Excellency Mohammed Nasser Al Khasibi,

I hope this email find you well. I would like to bring to your attention a very serious matter that has occurred today. The very popular blog Muscat Confidential ( ) was blocked by Omantel. I hope you appreciate that this will have many negative repercussions on the image of the Sultanate of Oman. Many international news agencies have been notified of this petty censorship of an innocuous blog and are planning to run stories that could harm the positive image of Oman as a progressive and open-minded country.

Your Excellency, I have every trust in you to take the necessary actions to remedy this situation immediately.

Best regards,


Mystique said...


how do they keep track anyway?

Undercover Dragon said...



You're back. What about the new "airports"? (ADAM???? LOL)

And why aren't Marmul and Qarn Alam doing at least area control?

Undercover Dragon said...

and blocked again... sigh

Expat Mummy said...

Who have you upset Dragon????

Jet Driver said...


Not a hope in hell of Marmul or Qarn doing Area....that's not how it works.

Each airport has it's own tower and ground control unit.
They will more than likely have Approach controllers too - unless the system gets set up so that the approach can be done up in Muscat - who knows?

Looking forward to the new regional airports that are all about to spring up soon.
New assistants and controllers have been employed already and are just about to begin training.

It will be fun to go to Adam and Duqm and Sohar - and of course, there's new planes coming too!

Speaking of on the way!