Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The End Of The Year

Grand few showers of rain coming in over the past few days.
Kind of a symbolic washing away of the old and leaving things all shiny and new for 2011.

I wonder what the new year will bring.
Plenty of stories from the Omani blogosphere as more and more people begin to get a voice and talk about all that is good, and bad in the country and beyond.

New blogger Misadventures in HR has well and truly made her mark as one of the finest and funniest blogs to come out of 2010, and I am seriously looking forward to her continued posting and comments from Sand Land.

Thank you also to everyone who sent their emails of well-wishing and support, and an even bigger thank you to the nitwits and numpties who emailed all the abuse and left all those fine comments on the last post that I made, some being stand-alone proof positive of most of the observations I make here.

For the Reuters wannabe who told the world that I got fired......well, I didn't. I left.
Someone called my bluff on a salary request, so (to borrow a word from a famous blogger), I went off and got more treasure elsewhere.

But I'm sure my dear petri-dish specimen of all that is wrong with Oman, OMR, will be highly shocked to hear that contrary to his opinion that the likes of myself and Undercover Dragon are not needed over here in Muscat, the phone actually did ring when I got back, and the pleading and the fawning began......and now that suitable amounts of treasure have been agreed....I'm back.

I'm so looking forward to sharing my continuing experiences with you all.



Ooops said...

I hope you haven't made a mistake - going back seldom works out.

Anyway, let's hope 2011 is better than 2010.

The lack of holidays to come will make things difficult.

desertman said...

Oman breathes a sigh of relief! How did it cope without you? ;-)

Jet Driver said...


Maybe I am not back at all and just take pleasure in annoying a few folks out there who revel in me being away :)

Coming back works out fine when all the dots and crosses are in the right places.

And of course, it does not take a genius to work out that the tongue-in-cheek attitude that a few blinkered folks think is my day-to-day persona, is not actually a part of my "reality" repertoire!

Am I in Oman, or am I out.
Who knows? Who really cares?


It coped just fine by all accounts, but one has to go where one is "needed" eh, OMR? ;)


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back! Love your commentary. Please keep it coming. Screw the playa haters.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Welcome back:)

BTW, I read one of your old posts about horrible expats like "Stella" with her "house" in MQ. Great one.

Don't let OMR or anyone bother you, and try to focus on the more positive things between rants:)

desertman said...

Life is all about money - most people go after it wherever it is.

I'm sure more people are glad you are back than aren't. And tipping the scales is all that matters.

OMR said...

ha ha ha, so you got a call and they begged you to come back? I didnt think me saying you were not wanted would actually make you lie. This is just too good. Anyways, if its true then i hope this time your Omani boyfriend will treat you better.

Jet Driver said...


I wouldn't say that they begged.
It was more a realization that things might go a bit smoother if I was around again.

It usually takes about two weeks for folks to realize that problems actually do exist and that it was just a case of me preventing them from arriving onto the desks of the chair-warmers on high.

Fear of exposure, accountability and the identification of ineptitude means that people like me are required in places like this for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, I appreciate you taking time out from a busy day's idling and whimpering to once again prove your worth to both this argument and the blog in general.

You are always welcome here.
What on earth would I do without you, mate? :)


Anonymous said...

Hi folks, please visit:


The first post is dedicated to India's relations with Oman. There also a few Oman related posts - expats, wikileaks etc.


Hazchem said...

Jet Driver. You are undoubtedly a smug and annoying p***k. But I guess that's what makes your blog readable and OMR so wired. So keep it up! welcome back.

scarlet pimpernel said...

How to trace out the captain of a particular flight on a particular day, online ??

Jet Driver said...


Heheh :) Thanks, I think!


Difficult to do without insider help, and even then it will depend on the airline.
Did someone give you a scare?


Mimi said...

Happy new year in Oman, jetto duraibaru :)

Ship Man! said...

My word OMR, how Ignorant are you!?

Anywho, been reading your posts JD and they are a good laugh! Keep it up!

Jet Driver said...


Arigato gozaimashita! :)

Ship Man!

We aim to please.
Be nice to OMR...........I NEED HIM! :)


Undercover Dragon said...

Good to see you back JD. Always a interesting read! Glad the treasure was raised. Always remembering PPP and true net returns, nats.

OMR must be about 15 and has probably never been truly responsible for anything in his entire life. Entertaining though he is in a pseudo-circus freak show sense, he is not representative. I very much hope you don't 'need' someone so stupid and naive as him!

I'd guess he probably types well one handed though.

Jet Driver said...


Good to hear from you!
OMR has is my one-stop shop for proving most of what I rant about on this blog.
If he is 15, logic dictates that there are lots more like him roaming the streets of Muscat - and additional logic dictates that the future will be far from bright!


Ship Man! said...

Well, when reality does hit him, it will hit him in the face with a concrete slab.

"You mean I actually have to work to get a decent job.....but but but....im a university graduate....I can be a manager right now..."