Sunday, 28 November 2010

Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You.

I've been reading with amusement the comments in The Week magazine that were made in response to a recent Letter to the Editor by an expat called "Sara" in relation to expat involvement in the development of Oman.

All the usual bullshit quotes in response, but my favorites include:

"Appreciate what we have given you." "Look at the lifestyle that we give to you." and "Don't bite the hand that feeds you!"

Now, it doesn't take a genius to work out that the higher level Omanis, ie the sharper ones in the pile already understand the sentiment behind the above woman's gripe.

But for the surplus, allow me to share some home truths with you in relation to the global picture and where Oman is in relation to it.

First of all - using "we" in your comments is just another chunk of evidence in the local delusion that you are actually paying us. 
You're a citizen of Oman, not its paymaster. And if the truth be known, you are more of a drain on the economy each month then we are.

Subsidized water and electricity, throwing your shit out the window of your car for the Indians to pick up, running up massive debt and defaulting the loans, constant hand-out seeking, begrudging those who actually put in a full day's work and doing so by sitting there doing fuck all, apart from running interference and trying to pin the delays on us. 
Childish, playground mentality in a feeble attempt to make yourself look important, when you're still incapable of telling me what your job description is or your responsibilities are.

Here's a reality check for "Look at the lifestyle that WE give to you."

Oman is a nice place. It's not great. It's just nice.
The weather for about eight months of the year is crap.
It takes forever to get things done. 
There's more than the average amount of ineptness and incompetence.
Corruption is on the rise and it hampers most day-to-day operations.

And, back to "Don't bite the hand that feeds you!" - it may surprise you to know that most of us did not ask to come here. 
You do not feed us through charity. You feed us through need.
You asked and in some cases begged us to come here to instigate, develop or fix situations that you either wanted to happen or found yourselves in.

Listen: behind most successful groups of dishdashas posing in the Oman Times for the job-well-done, there is a team of expats in the shadows, who do the actual work, who fight the fat, dumb and happy attitude of most local chair-warmers in management.

Go ahead and keep quoting the same old crap about how lucky we are, and how grateful we should be. It only serves to show the rest of us how naive and undereducated you are in relation to how your country actually runs.

There are far nicer places for expats to be. 
And as has been quoted before, the majority of expats who move on do so looking back with frustration and annoyance at how great things could be here if it wasn't for the corruption above, the penny-pinching and far from quality delivery in the middle to the rip-off merchant man in the street who thinks that HM owes him everything and all he has to do is put his hand out.

You are in for a rude awakening very soon, becuase you will have to start getting out of the trucks and cleaning up your own mess, sweep your own streets and clean your own toilets, as the infrastructure gets finished off, the Indians and Pakistanis move off to another "developing" nation, maids finally have enough and shift to the new countries where they are treated with respect and don't have to fear for their dignity or safety - places like the US, Canada and the UK - there are great opportunities for them over there and we pay good money - a fair wage for a job well done. 

And guess what? We are using the money that "you" paid us to do it.

The tribal disharmony will only start increasing when this happens, because like it or not, there has always been a pecking order.....I wonder how it will all pan out?
Al Balushi, Al Kiyumi, Al Hinai, Al Riyami, Al Zadjali, Al Kindi - who gets to do what job?

It will be interesting to watch from the other side of the world, where the sun shines tolerably, and there is no restriction on what I can do or say. 
Leaving was the best move I ever made.......and I even get paid more! 

"Bu..bu....bu.....but how? I thought WE paid the highest salaries in the world, and that you couldn't survive without us!"

Wake up!


Anonymous said...

Seriously dickhead do you think that you will be missed?!

Anonymous said...


Mimi said...


They're just too proud of their country. I used to be like that when I was younger. Ignore them? lol

Would you like to come back to meet me =D?


omr said...

I thought the previous post was the last one? What a looser.

Jet Driver said...

omr said...

"I thought the previous post was the last one? What a looser."

Indeed you are correct.
However, imagine the influence that a select group of idiots and bigots can have, that they can compel me to reverse my decision, and blog again.

In fact, I think I'll stick around, as irritating folks like you sort of appeals to me.

When's intriguing how most of you react in the same way.

So forgive me, while I adopt a tone that is more suited to your level, and say "It's 'loser' - you ignoramus!"


OMR said...

Did you really think your position wont be Omanised? I guess you were wrong then, no wonder you are so angry. Oman used you and when it fucked you to the max it got rid of you,this is what happens when you leave your home and family for money. You are just like a 2$ bitch,fucked by the whole world and left to die alone.


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

OMR: Stop swearing.

Your Sultan, who you are invariably proud of, is ashamed of people who use words like yours because they can't express their pride in more constructive ways.

Prove JD wrong. Omanise Oman without people expecting just to get jobs because they know someone.

Since I married my husband people expect me to get them nice jobs that they are not qualified for because he is related to me. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT IS SERRIOUSLY WRONG WITH OMAN. This is not good.
How much money is stolen in big money projects is NOT GOOD FOR OMAN. That maids get paid such low wages is not good. All these things are BAD. B-A-D.

Pride in ones country is good. But you know what it is? It is asking yourself, what can you do for your country, not asking what your country can do for you.

Arrogance is what got Shaytaan chucked from Allah's grace. Arrogance is thinking onesself more than one is, a delusion of grandeaur. Oman ain't perfect. Is is nice, beautiful, but it still needs work, or His Majesty would retire and just sit back and enjoy. But he doesn't because... Oman needs more. Some Omanis work very hard. Others are users. I admit, some expats are too, but the majority who were hired here are highly skilled.

JD isn't Omani. He can leave Oman. But you and I, we can't. This is my home. So I will THANK HIM for what he says is wrong, and PROVE HIM WRONG if I think he IS wrong.

Talk is cheap.

And OMR, you ARE MEAN! have some compassion in your writing. Serriously.

JD: thanks for leaving your blog open because I like to read some of your archives

OMR said...

Lets see if you will have the same compassion when your husband decided to go full Omanisation. I bet that you will take the same path as JD, talk crap about Omanis and Oman.
WE OMANIS(not wannabe Omanis) will build our country and yes we need help from much better expats than the dickhead JD.


Anonymous said...

Very well said JD. I left Oman not long ago, having been an avid reader of, and occasional commentator on, your blogs. I think the rude awakening you mention will come when the ridiculous rate of population growth and the high expectations of this growing population meet the coming decline in oil and gas revenue. That will be very very tough for the country.

(apologies for not signing)

Kerfluffy! said...

JD Support Group here.

There has been an Arab thought, since ancient times or the superiority of "Erbi" (arab) over "Ajmi" (non-arab). Arabs have been critical, jealous and hypo-un-tolerant of anyone not born in Arabia due to this reason. Partially because of their history of warfare and swordsmanships and standing up to the Christians during the crusades and partially because racism has not been a taboo in the arab society, ever.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

OMR: lol. You mean if my husband did not want to marry a Westerner?

He married me because I am Muslim and do cultural things in Omani Omani girls don't do anymore, just their grandmothers.

I can't take your serriously. You just make me sad.

Learning to take criticism is good. Use examples, without swearing, to show where JD is wrong and you will make a better case for yourself.

And me go slamming Omanis?

I am no ignorant expat. I know more hardworking Omanis than lazy ones. But I know the watsa system hurts these hard working Omanis. I am one of those people blessed to live in all social statuspheres of Omani society, from the creme de la creme of wasta ect, to the bottom where no one has good education and means ect.

Corruption is bad. JD is right about that. let him rant. Oil money will run out. Correct. I know, because my family has always been very involved in Oman's petroleum supply.

Where JD is perhaps wrong, is the MAJORITY of Omanis ARE aware of this. They just don't talk about it to outsiders. Being it is very much an Omani cultural thing not to talk about family stuff to people not of THE FAMILY.

But there are those who think they'll rocket ahead on someone elses back claiming all the credit and not even noting THEY ARE on someone else's back, and these idiots often influence alot of Oman. Alhamdulilah, I KNOW THEM to be the minority.

So I think Oman will make it in the end. But with a small downwards sprial before a steady build again.

and Omr, no, you don't need every expat to stay. But don't make Omanis look like crap ok? People from other coutnries read this.

Don't make them think these guys are as ignorant and arrogant as ____ other GCC coutntries.

Being mean only hurts my feelings. It doesn't stop me from keeping hope that you start talking better and be nicer and give Oman a better reputation.

OMR said...

Seems you are a sensitive one so i will let you be. That doesn’t change the fact that this prick got fired and now wants to portray a bad picture of all Omanis.

Jet Driver said...

"Seems you are a sensitive one so i will let you be."

You will let her be?
Do you honestly think you are superior to this woman in any way other then being a moron?

You will let her be?
With your manly powers of superiority when all you are capable of is profanity written drivel that you can't even spell out properly?

Keep posting OMR, because you really do add to the credibility of this blog.
Thanks to your good self, I don't even have to go and seek out examples of arrogance, stupidity or backwardness!

It has to be something to do with cousins marrying.
I'll bet that is what it is!


OMR said...

You are a very good example of all the rejects from western countries that couldn’t get a job and ended up coming here. The first few months you all kiss ass and go around telling everyone how lovely the country and the people are , after few years you think you are untouchable and cannot be replaced and finally you act like bitches to your Omani bosses when the contract is about to get over. Did you use the famous expat line “I WILL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT JUST TWO MORE YEARS”?
When your “I will do anything you wants” offer is rejected and you are told that you have been replaced by an OMANI you behave just like how you and Dragon did.

Jet Driver said...


That's it?
That's the best you can come up with?

I rest my case.


OMR said...


desertman said...

JD, just what happened to you for you to become so bitter about Oman? You always had a refreshing cynicism about the country but that's now been replaced with out and out venom.

Jet Driver said...

"now been replaced with out and out venom"

I still feel the same about Oman and a lot of its people - however, there is a disposition, a seemingly endemic behavior to just plod on when things are happening: doing nothing in response to actions that in a sane or dare I say 'civil' world are simply unacceptable.

Accountability and responsibility are not subjects to be nodded about at a meeting, they are subjects to be properly implemented and acted upon.

I have seen too much incompetence and "Just-don't-give-a-shit" attitudes in this country to give a damn about being cynical anymore.

I got roped into the idea that it was cultural.
It is not.
Take a look at Muscati, Mti or OPNO, for example - and then stand them beside the likes of OMR or other Anonymous commenters on this blog.

See the difference?

It's not about education. The above three prime examples for the best of what Oman has to offer is not down to their education or where they grew up - it is down to the choices they make: how they choose to behave.

As long as folks like OMR et al can wasta their way into positions that they have no business being in, can shout, whine and complain loud enough to get another hand-out from the government or walk around doing what they want without ever having any fear of being brought to task, then I will continue on this change of tack.

I will not apologise for airing my views about geo-anatomically challenged types like OMR - who is, both a hindrance to the progress of, and an embarrassment to, his country.

Feel free to counter as and when you wish.
It makes for something that is seriously lacking of late: calling a spade a spade and delivering a few home truths.


cv said...

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Hazchem said...

JD is clearly off the leash having left the country (PhD in pub psychology) but there is plenty for all objective, progressive Omanis to contemplate in what he says even if he is somewht over the top about it. The truth as often is the case probably lies somewhere in the middle. But OMR...OMG! You really need to wake up and smell the kahwa. I think, though it is very unproven, that you have a valid argument struggling to get out of you. But the struggle continues. Calm down, think about what it is you want to say and then say it rationally. Don't try to out-western-expat the western expats with what you think is the right style (shouting and swearing). Firstly you're wrong about that - reasoned argument is the way we do it on the whole - it's why freedom of speech works for us but won't in this part of the world for some time yet. And secondly it always sounds ridiculous when a non-native speaker cusses. It just doesn't work.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

JD: ***while I do believe marrying cousins can cause medical problems such as blood disorders, this isn't the case for all, as my in laws (I am the only foreigner married to any of them that I know of--of an age to have children---and they consider people from different towns or baluchi and zanzibari to be different ethnicities lol). So marrying cousins probably isn't OMR's problem. My husband is a cousin baby and he isn't, er, mean and out looking for scapegoats for his country's problems. He does spell just as bad, but then, he only learnt English so he could marry me and learn from foreigners about ways to make his country better from a different perspective.

Mimi said...

Looking forward to your next post!

JT said...

How interesting. Someone called 'Sara' sent me hatemail a while ago. Said I understood nothing about Oman and should not propagate any crap.. this must be the same person!!

Anonymous said...

I am an omani and would like to say that reading your article it made me extremely angry and frustrated.
your allowed to have your own opinion for sure, but if you feel so horrible about Oman why did u stay for as long as you did? by the sound of it you were here for quite a while to know enough about the families and the way the country works .. and if you were not here for that long, then you really are in no position to judge as harshly as you did.
There might be other places expats are able to go with less "crap" weather and better perks, so go..
I would think you still had a choice of coming here even if someone did "beg" you to come. Unless someone handcuffed you and dragged you here, you always had a choice.
You seem to have a lot of issues with the lifestyle in Oman. I honestly dont know of any country that does not have social or economic issues. Im guessing your from England, I might be wrong, but I will still take it as an example where it has recently come to light of the corrupt nature of some PM's hence corruption does exist in "industrialised" countries, sorry to burst your bubble.
Also just thinking of the amount of taxes one has to pay in a country such as England I would take Oman any day.
Telling Omanis that they are a bigger drain on THEIR OWN economy than you is not much of an argument. You were still a drain, one person too much in my opinion if all you've taken from this country is such a negative outlook. It's our country and we will deal with the consequences not really your business to speak on that aspect. You took the money you were given left the country and that's when you should shut up and move on.
It's better you left, and I sincerely hope you never come back.

Anonymous said...

JD, Oman is not your country,please don't waste your fucking time,go back to your home country.
We don't want to see your face in this country.

Anonymous said...

JD mind your own business don't just write crap in your blog.What shit are you talking about I repeat what you wrote!! places like the US, Canada and the UK - there are great opportunities for them over there and we pay good money - a fair wage for a job well done.if your countries pay well off why you bother to waste your time to come to work in should be working there.
Did your asshole mother have a company to pay them as you say?

Jet Driver said...

What is it about this seemingly local fixation with assholes?