Wednesday, 7 January 2009

So Long My Friends

Well folks, it was a day that I always knew would have to come, and with a mix of emotions, the "keys" to RAFO's first new baby - the Airbus A320, were handed over this week.

It has been a long road of instructing and testing new pilots. 
Some of the aircrew here have become like family to me, albeit me having to wave a very big stick at some of them on occasion. 

They have worked very hard, moving from a classic aircraft (the BAE 1-11) to a high-tech glass-cockpit machine. 
It is not an easy task to get to grips with the "Bus" and one has to say that not one of them terrified me to any great extent in the simulator or in the air. 

I would love to hang around and work with you all some more, but there are other countries with the requirements you had two years ago so, it is time to put on a new pair of brown trouser protectors, and I must go and play in another garden and go through the whole show again.

To the rest of my loyal readers, I hope to come back again in a new form, somewhere else in the world and hack away at the good, the bad and the ugly of where you are and where I am. 
I already know where my next port of call is going to be, but for now, I'll keep a lid on that and let you know in due course. 

Thank you for all of your time and comments. 
Keep your chins up and I wish you all the best for 2009. 

Yours, Very Sincerely - Jet Driver


boxster said...

That's it? It wasn't even 3 months of blogging !

Well good luck to you and madame jet driver, you will be missed.

I have a feeling you're going to Yemen :)

SK said...

Bon Voyage and Bon chance MJD!

Mean Reds in Muscat said...

Your post hit me like a pie in the face. We'll really miss you.

Wardat_il'7leej said...

To think that i only started visiting this blog yesterday!

Good Luck...
If ur going to another Gulf state our paths may cross

blueskieseveryday said...

I started to read your blog just before we left Oman..about 5 weeks ago, for another sunny spot. Please keep's very readable and never failed to put a smile on my face :-)
All the best to you and yours in the next chapter! Look forward to the finding the link to the next blog! -blueskieseveryday

Jet Driver said...


Thank you for your kind comments.
Fear not - Jet Driver will continue to post either on an amended blog at this link or somewhere new.

(Am busting to post on Gaza being given the run off the front page for Oman's 4-0 victory over Iraq.)

Ciao for now!


Undercover Dragon said...

All the best JD. It seems a shame you're going, as the blog was rockin.

How long before final departure?

Anonymous said...

Good luck matey. Keep on telling it like is.

Willie Dryer

Barbs said...


So sorry to gather that the wannabe ganstas and Ahmad have instilled the fear of God in you and made you up stumps and leave this glorious land. Thanks for the blog and let us know what becomes of you.


jana z. said...

oh man!!! i just started reading your blog a couple of months ago. so...whereever you go in this world, start a new blog but be sure to write a post here to let us the new link so we dont miss out please kind sir!!!


Anonymous said...

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dr. samskrati

Anonymous said...

i am still waiting for ur mail to send u the questonnaire for my academic study on omani blogs.
dr. samskrati

Jet Driver said...

Dr. Samskrati

Jet Driver does not do questionnaires.


Anonymous said...

You are soo not gonna be missed.

Jet Driver said...


Yeah. I know. Whatever.
Maybe when you grow a spine and put your name to that, then you can call yourself a grown up :)


ColOman said...

keep writing on this blog buddy.....we are still your friends no matter where you go