Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Wannabe Gangstas!

What in the name of all that is normal, is going on with Omani kids?

Went to City Centre last night for a coffee, as I thought that because of the football (yawwwwwwwwwwwwn), that the place would be empty - and it was! 

It was, that is, except for a more than average turn out of the posses from Mawalah, Ghubra and North & South Al-Hail y'all! Big shout out to all ma homies there!

Now, I know that I have blogged on this before, with the tattoo tights and the "Boyz From Da Wadi" stuff, but trust me.....I know about wannabe gangstas - and this is not it. 

This is just like some kind of weirdo circus! 
"Mall gangs" are going around City Centre all wearing the same outfits. 
That's not Gangsta! That's just retarded.
Trilby Hats and plastic gem-encrusted hairbands are not Gangsta either. 
And neither are shiny-spangle belts or mirror-tiled baseball caps. Retarded!

And the muppets who are driving around with the top down, blasting 50-Cent, Coolio and Snoop Dog, need to realise that those "artists" are talking about killing you! 
"Wannabe Gangstahhh, put yo head in fronah ma windah, I'll pop a nine-mill in yo eyebahhhl!"

Guys, you are not black. You are not gangsta. You are not hip, trendy or fly homies. You are not "all that". And you have no bitches, dawgs! 

Undercover Dragon has a terrific idea for a reality TV show: 

Take a group of hard-ass, Mac 11-toting niggas from Compton or West Side. 
Put them on a Lear Jet and fly them all around the world, stopping in places like Oman and the UAE, and let them observe the wannabes in action. 

They then get to choose one group and bring them back to "da hood" for a month to meet the home-boys. 
Some of whom, remember, have served in the Marines or lost those close to them in IEDs and attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan and are not educated enough to filter past the religion and what they have seen and heard in the media - no holds barred. 
Once they get there - they is on their own! 
And because "dey is cool A-rab niggas, yeah?" they'll be as safe as houses and welcomed like bruthas........right? Won't they?

Mom? MOM!!!!!


Blue_Chi said...

LOL. I think that should all be happy that some guys in Oman who could relate to other foreign cultures and feel part of it. :P

Anonymous said...

Sup Jet,
Yo, stop dissin' me and my bros. It's the way we roll innit.
We gonna bust a cap in your ass. (We don't actually have any guns but lets just pretend eh?)

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Wrote abt the same thing a while back, but loved the twist you gave it. Dawg :)

jana z. said...

omg that was too funny.

Guys, you are not black. You are not gangsta. You are not hip, trendy or fly homies. You are not "all that". And you have no bitches, dawgs!

i wish you had included some pics so i could see what the wannabe gangstas look like because that description is freaking hilarious.

fred_says said...

oh yes please. Pictures are a must

Undercover Dragon said...

great idea!!!!!!!!

lets start a 'take a pic of yo wkd Muskat gangstas' movement and send them all in to jet D.

Time, place, car, no. in posse,... notes attached.

I's all-the-time claim dat 5% off da gross on mine's scoop reality TV show tho' yo, dog. Back off on dat sucker.

Mean Reds in Muscat said...

I concur with the request for pictures. By the way, I just saw some of the Salalah posse posing outside the billiards parlor across from Shatti Cinema. It made me laugh. One of them had dreadlocks, and his main man had spiked hair like Billy Idol did 25 years ago!!!!

Jet Driver said...


OK. I is takin' de camra out to deh MCC hood an I'll photo me homies.

"Respect! Dassum grayt treds you have der dawg! Can I have a photo whicha?.....Click!.....Word!"



L_Oman said...

Word to the mutha! Or is it word to your mutha? Crap. I am so not gangsta.