Friday, 30 January 2009

Update From Afar

Oh, what a glorious few weeks it has been! 

Some sunshine, some snow and most of all - lots of well-earned rest and recuperation! 

It's nice to be able to go out in the car again, and not have to safety brief everyone for possible high-speed impacts from the side or even from above. 
The man in the electrical store said that my new washing machine would arrive on Friday at 4pm arrived on Friday at 4pm!

There were really strange lines of people at the tills in Starbucks. I had almost forgotten what those things were. Quiet rows of people waiting for coffees, with the only shouting coming from the baristas. 

What's this? Twenty seconds to make a withdrawal from an ATM? Is that really possible? Where am I? Beep beep, passcode. Beep beep, enter amount. Beep beep, walk away from the machine! No phone calls, no head-cocking, no stopping to send a text or answer the bliss! 

Car seats! Everybody has one! And no-one has a nylon tattoo! Lots of real ones though! 

But wait.....what's this?

Petrol is HOW MUCH? But ........seventy? SEVENTY? What?

I feel a real level of danger emanating from the six teenagers walking down the street towards me. Could they be looking for trouble? The one on the far right definitely looks like he is. 

I have to lock the car every time I get out of it now. And I have to make sure that I park it in an area where I will find it with all windows intact when I get back. 

No-one is saying hello to each other in the street. Where have all the smiles gone?

I hear a police siren at least once an hour. What could possibly be making the cops more busy?

Swings and roundabouts. Where shall I go next?


ColOman said...

where you at now?

Jet Driver said...

A secret location :)

Amber said...

can we have some more clues? These are very vague. Hope you are doing well.

ColOman said...

I thought you already moved and the deal was done. Oman is a thing of the past?

Jet Driver said...

I will not be returning to Oman except maybe on vacations in the future.

Too far away now, and I am getting far too old for the heat.

The Middle East is a young man's game!


jana z. said...

welcome back jet driver!! whereever you may be...

a7MeDiNo said...

UK :p

Jet Driver said...

Nah - guess again!