Wednesday, 15 July 2009

It's Tough Being Cool

Stopped for petrol and water the other day at the Shell Select next to City Centre and parked right in front of the main doors.
Was reaching down to get my wallet from between the seats when a white Toyota Echo pulled up next to me.

This was a typical Omani teen-machine.
Lots of chrome and the usual mis-spelled "Feul Injection" stickers.
Pitch black tinted windows and the stereo up to the maximum level.
The song however, although muffled by my car door was still instantly recognisable......

"Muh muh muh.....Mirrie Jean is nah mah ruvver....She jussa gair who....."

Then as the passenger door was flung open, what can only be described as "Eighties Retro Cool Gone Horribly Wrong" appeared.

He was about sixteen, sunglasses on, silver baseball cap and florescent pink t-shirt but also wearing a loosely knotted tie, with a cigarette dangling precariously from his lips.

He was out to make a solid impression from his fake Ruwi Converse All-Stars, all the way up to his cherry-flavoured lip gloss and glitter-star cheek transfer.

His 22 inch waist was what let him down abysmally though, as while he swung his legs out of the car door and stood up, it became clear to all and sundry that he was still secured into the vehicle by his seat-belt.

The rather sudden automatic 'retrieval' of his 40kg frame by the straps, and his subsequent flailing and lolling, was by far the funniest moment of July for me so far.

Omani teens: if you want to be cool - get lessons.
It's a lot harder than it looks!


Muscato said...

You are so cruel. And so hilarious. Don't you just want to slap them sometimes?

Jet Driver said...


Yes, a good smack around earhole would do wonders I imagine.

One does need to do a teen rant on occasion.


Jamilla Camel said...

Lolz! These are also the same type of male that stares at my chest at City Center!

Good on ya!!

Anonymous said...

reminds me of the white trash trying to act like Americans back in EU


Jet Driver said...


Yes indeed!
The Vanilla Ice brigade :)

Pasty white kids with tracksuits and too much gold chains.


Blewyn said...

you mean goldie lookin chains but..

Undercover Dragon said...

Photos next time JD.

Do you think they leave the house that way, or do a quick change somewhere?

farkknight said...

*sigh* They leave the house that way. The house across ours is lived-in by 3 such characters. Before they leave, they start the car atleast 30 minutes before leaving, and the car is standing there, in the center of the road, in the quiet residential area, with the same track in full volume (I think they just have a single track they loop). After 30 or so minutes of this, 1 shall emerge from the house, 2 shall appear from the street corner where they were sitting on some car's hood and 2, the ones who were late, shall be huffing and puffing down the street.

All the more reason to play a li'l cheek smack with them...


Amber said...

i'm just impressed he had a seatbelt on....

joyjit chowdhury said...

Fucking place guys

joyjit chowdhury said...

U r rty amber