Tuesday, 21 July 2009

It's That Time Of The Year Again...

The Boss is going for a cruise.....and therefore so must I.
See you good people in a few weeks!
Now.....where's my bag?


fred_says said...

it's a hard knock life for ... you?

Angry In Oman said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Presumably not a state secret to say where you are off to?

Jet Driver said...

"Presumably not a state secret to say where you are off to?"

Technically (and contractually) it is ;)


Anonymous said...

A 155m yacht is kind of hard to hide, so I guess we'll know where you are once the press report it (unless you're in Oman, of course)

Jet Driver said...


All a bit machiavellian but who am I to break the rules :)


farkknight said...

Who are you 'not' to break the rules. Enjoy!!


upurbooty said...

The Al Said's or Fulk Al Salamah

Jet Driver said...


Jet Driver flies planes not boats.

Not sure what is going on with the boats at the moment although I gather from a comment on another blog that they are now setting sail.

Thank you for your first reasonable comment on my blog.
Don't take the Indian rants I have too serious - it's all tongue in cheek. Some of my best friends are Indians, and I have enough guilt with poor Anisha losing hours of sleep from the moral turmoil! :)

Respectfully Yours



lets bury the hatchet
i am sensible most of the time, well except when i am blind with rage. losing ones temper is due to lack of self awareness i assume . Well the pimpernail ( i can no longer be upurbooty can i ?) helps others to digout the black blood of allah in an indirect way. I assumed you were english bcoz u were familiar with guy fawkes day on seecond thoughts u may also be a canadian australian south african or a newzelander.keep flying your bused high and safe .

respectfully yours


Jet Driver said...


They seek him here....etc

Why not start a blog?



since self realisation have dawned up on the pimpernail and because he is no longer blind with rage, he has opted to drop the JD assasination plan :-). Pimpernail would like to set some points clear
1) Pimpernail is Indian
2) Pimpernail have had his share of bad experiences from fellow beings but would rather refrain from any sort of generalisation leading to all sorts of prejudice as prejudice is one thing pimpernail would like to see wiped off from the face of the earth.

JD ..about the blog
Pimpernail is just an underpaid college dropout trying to get his shit togother, in the desert .Pimpernails world is very limited bcoz he havent got his 4 wheels yet . Waiting for that inspiring moment to start off a blog but very very happy reading up on class acts like jd , ud, aio , ed, kc , msct mtrngs etc :-)

Undercover Dragon said...


When are you back?

I recall a comment about 'carrying the bloggosphere...'?


Must admit, its fantastic being back in the real world, at least for a visit. But then, that's not where you went, is it!

Jet Driver said...


Your usual cryptic self.

JD will be blogging shortly - rest assured.

Real world.....no. Just another one of those places where "everything is just fine here, nothing to see, move alone folks".

Oh for a weekend in a civilised country!
(That should get a few of them out banging drums again!)