Monday, 10 August 2009

Thanks A Lot Bank Muscat

Dear Bank Muscat

Thanks a million for the eye-catching advertisements that I have seen in all the newspapers. And also for your 6 metre high multi-cultural billboards with expats and Omanis all bandied together, smiling in the knowledge that their money is safe in your hands.

So fucking safe in fact, that it was impossible to book a hotel in a certain South East Asian country last week when the Jet Driver decided to take a well-earned few days in a fabulous place with an equally fabulous young lady. 

It is a very simple procedure. I nominate how much I want in my account. You agree to put this amount onto my credit card every month. And then we all go home smiling.....just like on the billboards.

But no....I get:
Hotel: "Sorry sir. Your card has been declined." 
Me: "What?.....errrrrr NO! I have a Bank Muscat Super Prestige Platinum Wasta Card!"
Hotel: "Sorry sir....."

To the group of friends who told me to wait and get a backup were right, and I was wrong. Read this, print it and frame it.

Jet Driver does not make the same mistakes twice.


Bobby said...

chut! chut!
it seems your well-earned days are scerwed up Banque...
but yeaa, truly annoying...but what ye goin to do...

Jamilla Camel said...

Jet Driver, you are not alone. I've been with Barclays since 1996, and I have frequently ended up without access to my credit card or debit card, even if I tell them where I'm going in advance and how long I'll be there. It's particularly bad when going to India.

I'll avoid your bank, though, when we open our Muscat bank account!!

Undercover Dragon said...


Oh, so many comments.....


Same with Lloyds UK.

Useless wankrs...

scarlet pimpernel said...

my experience

Jet Driver said...


It's the damning shame of having a ton of money in the bank but the acne-covered teen on reception looking at you like you are a peasant!


Sythe said...


Then let this be a learning curve for you. Always travel with at least 2 credit cards. I travel with 4 (from 3 different banks), two in my wallet, one with the passport and one in my carry-on bag. When I go on vacation to anywhere outside of Europe or North America, I also carry a couple grand in cash. US$ currency.

It's not necessarily Bank Muscat, its just Banks in general. They are all shit money-grubbing cockroaches.

One time in India, they wouldn't even accept my American Express Travellers Cheques!

Jamilla Camel said...

We are just getting ready to go to Muscat and pick up our keys to the new house at the Wave. Naturally, I have been buying clothes at and as well as a pair of shoes from an Italian on-line retailer.

Well, guess who got a bloody automated phone call today telling my that my shoe order was rejected because it originated in Italy and that I had to verify my ASOS and Lands End purchases by pressing the "1" key?!?!?!?!? Will Barclays not allow us to buy Jeans from ASOS and mens T-Shirts from Lands End, both based in the BLOODY UK!?!?!

You can tell I'm pissed. I have to get a hold of the Italians and put the shoe order through again. I can't be bothered with this crap. And yes, I have multiple credit cards, all of which got blocked in India.

Jet Driver said...


Rest assured. Jet Driver always has ample cash to cover these things.

The resultant day around the "declination" turned out to be one of the nicest I have had for many years.

It's not just where you go, it's the company you keep when you get there!


Anonymous said...

You can add Standard Chartered to the list of banks whose paternalistic attitude causes more than inconveniences on holiday! Why would we buy things in different places, post them to a residential address and have another address just for correspondence! I can't remember all the password and clues to unblock the cards... "my mother's maiden name, before the family changed its name and her grandfather's hometown!!!" Guess I'm just longing for the days when banks once again gave us only one SINGLE POINT of CONTACT so they could serve us better :-)