Saturday, 15 August 2009

Where Am I?

Jet Driver has escaped for a few days....

Where am I?

I'll give you a clue!

Don't fret, I'll be back for Rammers!


Anonymous said...

Sorry but that looks well-repulsive.

-Omani in US

Undercover Dragon said...

"Somewhere with disgusting food"

"Somewhere with large, pale, fast order cooks"

"Somewhere you can get mechanically removed pork products covered in tomato sauce and paprika and people buy it"


Love the presentation too. A paper napkin was supplied too, or at least available, I'd guess? Ok, I see it, peaking out underneath.

omanobserver said...

More R2I? Don't forget your ICATQ. Those bratties can be used pretty persuasively. And remember, however bad it may seem, a month of adventure awaits you here.


Muscato said...

God that looks like heaven. Enjoy your currywurst. If only one could bring some back...

Jet Driver said...

Muscato! Right on the money.

Currywurst! The national meal of Berlin.

First thing I have when I land there. FANTASTIC!