Sunday, 30 August 2009

I've Been A Naughty Boy....Ooooh!

Jet Driver went for a run the other day.
It was 38 degrees outside and naturally I wore shorts.
I also wore some other hi-tech, figure hugging Nike attire and in the midst of a rather "emotional" descent along one of the wadi treks, I came face to face with a brand new member of the ROP.

He was spotlessly turned out, shirt pressed and boots polished - a fine example of a young law-enforcement officer.

The conversation went a little bit like this:

"Hello mate! What's shakin'?"

"Why you errr...why you run?"
"To aid in cardio-vascular health and keep me looking fit and handsome amongst other things."

"I can see your knees and the backs of your legs!"
"Steady on sunshine. The Jet Driver only likes girls - young oriental ones to be precise!"

"What's this?" (Pointing at my chest)
"What's what?"
"This tube from your back."
"Ohhhh. That's water. It stops me from going into coronary arrest."

"You know Ramadan? You have shorts. This is not allowed."
"Oh.....ok.....sorry...and so.....what shall I do now? I'm 10 kilometres from my vehicle. You will take me to there?"
(A quick pow-wow with the notably senior officer in the jeep who had already seen the funny side to this and I suspect sent this poor newbie on a futile battle of wits.)

"You people! Crazy! (points at the sun) GO HOME! Relax! It's Ramadan!"

I love this place!


fred_says said...


Jamilla Camel said...

I always say, "Mad Dogs and Englishmen"!!

Another English Bloke with Yellow Fever, lol!! (I am Asian myself, and the other half is English).

Every time we go to Westfield London shopping centre, we notice the preponderance of English men with Asian women....could it be that many Englishmen like Asian women and Asian women!

Sythe said...

I thought it was a well known fact that Asian women were freaky in the sack?


The story made me smile!

Reality said...

That is funny!

I wonder how many girls broke their fast by looking at your "knees and the backs of your legs" during the late afternoon (I assume)....

Is it really illegal for expats to drink water in public?

Anonymous said...

No way of contacting you...apart from this method.

I live in Al Azaiba...aircraft obviously fly over on approach. I spent the other night watching some f*ckwhits light up various aircraft with their laser pointers...Swiss got quite a pounding...being a bigger 340-300 and aware of this ?! Its aiming at the flight-deck which is concerning


Jet Driver said...


Very aware of this at the moment.
The incidences are on the increase due to EMax selling laser pointers for 1 rial each in a giant basket beside the cash desks.

The problem with the pointers is that 1. they blind you temporarily and 2. they scatter light when they hit our cockpit windows meaning that the glare can be much more severe for us.

The ROP have received countless complaints and are doing their best for us - however, all it will take is a few go-arounds due to blindness before real steps will be taken.


Sythe said...

I was at the bbq I blogged about the other day, and noticed GREEN laser plastering the planes as they came in. No one believed me, but I obviously wasn't seeing things. How stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hi again from Al Azaiba,

Maybe you can also answer this question ?

What on earth are those IL76's doing at the airport ? and where are they going all the time ? And when are the buggers going to stop screaming over at 0300 !!! waking our baby...and just about everybody else in the flightpath !! Obviously no noise pollution laws here !!!

They are dodgy aircraft...and not too keen on Way 4888 becoming a temporary landing strip.

I also think I've seen the odd AN124 as well ?

Any ideas ?



Jet Driver said...


The Ilyushins are going to be around for a while. They are mostly running cargo for the Stan / Baggers.

The Antonov is lovely!
Aircraft noise is great heheh!

You are lucky to be in Azaiba as that is the Mike 08 Departure - try living in Mawaleh which is on the Mike 26 and gets about twice as much action as you.

I have friends there who can compete with Gitmo inmates for the amount of SD they've been through this year.

The aircraft as military charters - so expect them to continue for the next few months.
Don't worry, the new runway in a few years will make your existing problem pale in comparison.

FYI - there are noise abatement procedures but this is Oman and there are always "extenuating circumstances" LOL


Sid said...

Wow, an entire discussion on planes, approaches and Seeb International airport.
Nice post though. You have to hand it to these guys. Really good chaps overall.

omanobserver said...
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omanobserver said...

Sorry, had just asked about the 76s and 124s, then spotted your previous post. Are they taking on some of the work that the old 3-engines across the runway were doing, which now seem to have been replaced by '10s (no doubt also causing some of that SD)?


Jet Driver said...


Great name!
Is that what you're really called or is it SID as opposed to STAR?

Will do a quick blog on the noisy jets to get this blog back on topic!