Friday, 21 August 2009

Ramadan: Sponsored By Carrefour

I've just come back from Carrefour. Bedlam.
People are acting like the place is going to close down tonight and disappear. Panic buying of the highest order - I even managed to receive an elbow in the face from one individual who is lucky that he is not celebrating his first Iftar through a tube in the Royal Hospital - a high price to pay for a box of strawberry jelly. Yes - he wanted the entire box!

It was quite amusing to have a look at how similar the trolley-loads are.
I have worked out that there are some vital things that need to be purchased:

Vimto - about 50 bottles should do the trick. (They actually have built a 20 foot high Vimto pyramid.)
Foster Clark's Powdered Orange Drink - and you all wonder why your kids are on the ceiling!
Jelly - by the palette. Enough for at least 300 people.
Creme Caramel Desserts
Strawberry Milk
Eggs - thousands of them
Yoghurt - again, enough to fill a small ship should do the trick.

Before leaving for Carrefour, I think the locals either take some form of stimulant or maybe just a five litre drum of coffee.
Whatever it is, it has to have the effect of making one edgy, nervous and then pushy.

One month of chaos. I think, just like Christmas around the world, that the spirit of Ramadan is gone.


omanobserver said...

JD - I think you meant "even more" nervous, edgy and pushy.


Anonymous said...

The spirit is still there in the country side! I saw it yesterday .


Sid said...

What was the average trolley count per family? This is something that I used to observe very keenly when I used to go there. And then try and guess the number of members in the family :)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, sorry but your comment about eggs reminded me of Michael Caine in Zulu.....Zulus..Fahsands of them!

Nadia said...

Haha... just discovered your blog this morning.

Kapil said...

Hahahahahaha! Fantastic, outrageous Hilarious. Havent laughed so much in ages!!! xD