Sunday, 23 August 2009

Simply Dangerous and Disrespectful

As much as I understand the importance of Ramadan...getting into a car and driving when you are dog-tired is simply unacceptable.

There is no excuse for it.
This is not five hundred years ago. You are not on horseback, or donkeyback or whatever.
You are in a two to four ton lump of metal, driving erratically down the highway.
Drifting in and out of lucidity while drifting in and out of your appropriate lane. Madness!

Sorry, but if you are getting into a car and driving when you are tired from fasting, or your blood-sugar is all over the place, then you are just as guilty as the one who drives off under the influence of alcohol.

Islam is a wonderful religion. I see its logic everyday when I talk with colleagues about it, but some of that logic needs to shift into the modern world and what the religion requires, needs to be reflected into the tasks and deeds of the way we live and work today.
Companies should be laying on buses for staff during Ramadan - driven by people who are not fasting or are taking their Quranic "allowances" and giving back a day later on.

It is no longer safe.
If you are tired, please don't get into a car. Don't kill me. Don't hurt my family or my friends. Don't hurt yours!

Behaving like this just shows senseless selfishness, ignorance and as I said earlier - downright stupidity and disrespect for life.

You have to choose between right and wrong. Driving in a state where you are not fit to drive is wrong and it is foolish. Your life is not yours to take. Yes, you go when it is written that you go, however, there are times when you will be held accountable.....I know this!


scarlet pimpernel said...

lets hope we all survive

omanobserver said...

Well said JD.


boxster said...

This should be printed on the front of every Ramadan Sale flyer that are being dropped off by the dozen on every door step.

scarlet pimpernel said...

ROP has asked all trucks not to run from 8 to 10 and 1 to 3

Anonymous said...

Islam has nothing to do with driving, it is the brainless who doesn’t know when, how, why not to be on the road. The reason I’m writing this because the police in US after Sept 11th used to follow any dressed Muslim and Arabs looking drivers as they are the cause of all the trouble around this world.

Oman has more crazy drivers than any place I have been to. In fact I saw a video on you tube once for Qatar drivers, scared me even to think about such system.

They need more police on the street and they need to update their system. Ramadan, Is the month of tolerance in eating or behaving? Similar to 4th of July and others holiday that people drink more behave stupidity and create more accidents….

If an Indian who is a Hindu or others Christian who are living in Oman or the Gulf create an accident and the individual is dressed in dishdasheh, are we going to blame Ramadan too?

Do you know what scares me more than anything because I’m very good driver, if I get drunken individual like the mother in some Eastern State over a month ago who killed her nieces and hardly her son is surviving by entering the wrong exit; she was on some substance in the middle of the day?

Undercover Dragon said...

Hey JD

Milk of human kindness again?

I agree its too easy to toss around such cultural nonsense.

But the data does take some explaining.

Oman last year killed around 2000 people on the roads. In a pop of 2.3 mln, thats almost a 1 in a thousand. In one year.

cf western world ~1 per 15,000, other 3rd world ~1 per 3000

here? senseless and scarily bad odds.

Undercover Dragon said...

DA can probably check the numbers...


Jet Driver said...


LOL - you know me only too well!

The driving scares even me at this time of the year.
And if you think that the driving is bad.....

......any of you traveling on a plane this month?

Don't call me to task on this one folks.
Have been stunned at what I have seen so far, and can I complain about it?....Yes

Will action be taken?......if you think Yes, then you have not been in Oman as long as I have :)

fred_says said...

oh crap - you mean the pilots are fasting as well?

should we cancel our omanair flights?

Devils Advocat said...

I could bombard you with stats but that would scare you even more. Whilst, officially India has the worst road safety record in the world, if we look at an overall patter, the deaths and ainjuries ahve doubled in Oman in the past 8 years, in the past 6 months of this year again deaths and accidents have doubled. Over 90% of the accidents involve the Omani male! This clearly shows despite all the talking shops that nothing has been done and according to WHO Oman does not have a road safety policy!!!

Fatigue is the biggest threat to drivers, more than alcohol. Fatigue is so dangerous that special forces use it as part of interrogation! Forget starving the prisoner, it's the opposite, fill him full of carbs and the brain can't cope!

I honestly fear for the future here in road safety as long as the Omanis get their licences so easily and I'm not even including wasta!

Poor training, poor testing, minimal enforcement; a recipe for disaster.

scarlet pimpernel said...

In india license will be delivered to your home for 30 riyals

Anonymous said...

JD, I posted a very similar thing to this on a chat board. I was howled down by protesting Muslims who told me I was being disrespectful by wishing Ramadan over.

I wish I'd written what you'd written. You said what I was trying to say!

Devils Advocat said...

They know they've lost the argument when they bring the culture ticket out!

We are all subject to one law whatever colour, country or culture, we all must obey the laws of physics!