Sunday, 13 September 2009

A Simple Lesson

A, B, C, D, E, F, Geeeeeeeeeee......

Why can't they stick to this tried and trusted format for putting things on the shelves in my favourite place in City Centre?
Yes, indeed! A multicultural mish-mash of employees from Oman, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and The Philippines and they still can't keep the place ship-shape.

One can imagine the Life Of Brian style scene when one of them takes a massive evolutionary leap and says:

"I've just had an amaaaaaaaazing moment of clarity! Those black and white signs above the shelves, yeah? Yeah? You know the ones? They're there to help us!"

Lots of quizical looks and yawning from the staff of the "Information" section and then a sudden pause in the texting and nail-picking....

"We have to put each book in it's proper place! And, and, and.......then use something I read about called the "alphabet" to further categorize each author!"


"BET! Alphabet! It's like a list of the order in which the letters of the English language come in!"

It is driving me mad, and it is getting worse!
Last week, I found a book about hedge funds in.....yep, you've guessed it.....the Gardening section.


boxster said...

perhaps this positioning reflects the employees' opinion of hedge funds... it certainly reflects mine ! :)

fred_says said...



obviously hedges belong in the garden section


but why do you bother? just go to you get them tax free and the postage is not that much. it's still waaaaaaaay cheaper than Borders here or in Dubai. saying that, the pound & euro have recently got stronger.... hey-ho. well at least with amazon you know you wont get a book that has already been read ten times but is still having the laughable balls to call itself "new",

James said...

I think that is taking "thinking outside the box" to new highs, or should that be lows????

ispy said...

Just grit your teeth and smile through it; safe in the knowledge that logic doesn't come easy to some people - that's why we are employed.

Sam said...

I found Greys Anatomy (the medical textbook) in the TV and Film section!

Jet Driver said...

"I found Greys Anatomy (the medical textbook) in the TV and Film section!"



Jamilla Camel said...

It's not the Brent Cross Borders, buy hey, I'm happy to have one near my house!

It beats getting furniture delivered in Muscat, too!

Nadia said...

Tell me about it! Borders drives me nuts. I can never find anything. Amazon is much easier!

travelingsuep said...

A while ago I was in their travel section and had to tell staff that "New England" is NOT in UK, but is part of the US. I left them trying to rearrange the books :D