Monday, 9 November 2009

Notice To You All

After last week's debacle, I have decided that I can no longer handle doing my weekly and monthly shopping at Carrefour.
It's now just out of hand - nuts!
No trolleys left when I got there in the mid-afternoon. Waited for the yellow-overalled trolley squad to arrive.
I think that anyone in a yellow zoom-bag is of the "special needs" category so I will not make fun of them - although I do believe that allowing them to roam around the carpark with a giant metal train of trolleys is taking things a stretch too far.

And on the subject of special needs - City Centre security staff riding around on the golf-cart at 30kph while families are trying to get to the shops - not funny, not clever, not safe.
You are supposed to be there for safety. I almost killed you with my car the other day. It almost came down to you or the mother and two kids if I had to swerve......and guess who I would have chosen?

Inside Carrefour is now a joke.
You have been here eight years.......time to get it sorted out folks!


L_Oman said...

Couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Jet.

The carts are gross, the produce section is pathetic and...gross too. I come out of there needing a freaking shower because the grossness has rubbed off on me.

Where are the standards??? Don't the managers see what's going on?

I miss grocery stores with corny background music that are clean and have friendly older ladies working behind the deli counters that actually smile and greet you. And I really miss the retired men that bag my groceries without mixing the freaking mop 'n shine that leaks all over my overpriced butterball lunch meat so it's inedible.

Sorry for the rant.

fred_says said...

MCc or QCC?

Personally cannot stand MCC so drive that bit further to do QCC.

ynotoman said...

The re-furbish at Sultan is good - though lacking check-out staff. LuLu are jam packed - Al Fair are weird; the Talal Zawawi joints in Al Maha are practically closed, and Select are struggling - so Careffour are no worried the competition is worse

Anonymous said...

So which one (or more) of your 23 followers object to? 'the blocking of this site...' pops up under your list of followers.

Accessing your site anonymously shows all 23 followers, one of whom has obviously upset omantel.