Wednesday, 2 June 2010



Undercover Dragon said...


There's no category for "unusual weather" JD

Get off his back man.


And you really thing things are going to be different?

Jet Driver said...


I know. I know!


James said...

LMAO :o)
You gotta love em

Anonymous said...

It's all looking like it might come to nothing now anyway. The storm has actually started turning and latest tracks show it weakening and barely crossing the coast as it tracks northeast. WM

mike said...

Inept met site or JD blog?? The Met site's public weather announcement has this to say at 1pm...

Date: 03/06/2010
Time: 13:00 LST.

The Weather System over Arabian Sea
Warning no. 5
Heavy rainfall has continued to fall over some parts of Masirah Island and parts of coastal areas of Al-Sharqiya region in the past hours associated with winds up to 70km/hr. Latest Satellite images and numerical weather prediction charts indicate the tropical cyclone PHET is centered over west Arabian Sea has moved further towards North West direction. It's centre is currently located near latitude 19.3 degrees North and longitude 59.3 degrees east. PHET is around 160 km away from Masirah Island. Maximum sustained wind speed around the centre is estimated to be around 180 km/h and by which it is still classified as Category 3. The cyclone is expected to enter the land from the area between Adoqum and Masirah Island which will affect mainly the Masirah Island and the regions of Al-sharqiya and aAl-wusta with about 2 metres of storm surge over the coastal areas .
The rainy convective clouds of this cyclone (PHET) expected to extend to affect Governates of Muscat and Al-buraimi and regions of, AlDhakhlia and AlBhatinah and Al-Dhaerah within the next 48 hours
The Directorate request People in the affected areas are to take precautions on the low lands from flowing Wadis because of the heavy rain and Fishermen are also advised to be precautious as seas are expected to be rough along the

Civil Aviation Affairs
Directorate General of Meteorology and Air Navigation (DGMAN)
Department of Forecasting and Observing Practices

Jet Driver said...


It has all come 48 hours too late, mate :)