Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Weather

There's a tropical storm building off the coast of Oman at the moment.
Predictive weather analysis says that it will increase in intensity to a cyclone within the next 24 hours.
I have been reading on the local forums that "there is nothing to worry about"...... this is not exactly true for now, as no-one really knows what this thing is going to do - but I would not advise people on going into panic-mode - maybe just prepare a little more.

It is behaving very similarly to the track of Gonu which is almost three years to the day.
Back then it was unclear as to which way the track was going to swing.

Some units are predicting a swing North East to Pakistan - but others, have predicted a run up along the coast as far as Muscat.

As I said - no-one really has a clue. Best guess is to prepare for rain and maybe have a few spare rolls of duct tape and some extra supplies in to be on the safe side.

One trusts the Omani Government to do a good job like last time should it all start to get messy - but I for one am hoping that we are not all inconvenienced and burdened like last time.

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Oman Collective Intelligence said...

If i remember well, last time someone predicted a sort of tsunami a few weeks before Gonu and everyone panicked. When the actual cyclone Gonu came no one was prepared. I just hope it won't happen the same, but you're right, it would be a good idea to buy plenty of water, canned food, candles, etc well in advance.