Sunday, 30 May 2010

Fusion Logic Apple "Dealer" in Qurum

I had a rant about Matthew and Sreeni at Fusion Logic a couple of years ago and have decided to blog again about it after other individuals had contacted me in relation to how these cowboys are operating.

Over the past year, I have had numerous conversations with people who have bought Macbook, iMacs, and Mac Pro units from Fusion Logic - only to find them crashing after a few months.

There is no problem in getting those Macs repaired when you are based in Muscat and are bringing the product back to the Fusion Logic store.

However, the main issue is those people who have bought a Mac from Matthew, and have moved out of Muscat, only to find that when it breaks, they are not covered under the Apple warranty because some of the hardware in their freshly boxed Mac is not what was originally placed into it by Apple!

I would be interested in finding out if anyone else has had any issues with the authenticity of the parts within their Mac.
As I have stated in the past, I found Matthew to be extremely unscrupulous in the past - and even went into his store one day to ask about certain Mac products which I am very familiar with - but he just lied through his teeth about what the machine was and was not capable of, and tried to sell me a top end Mac Pro to do a job that a basic iMac was well capable of doing.

A few months later I went back to get a quote for a hard disk - which he quoted me 120 rials for because it was a genuine Apple replacement.
He then proceeded to phone "the stock department" (his mate in Ruwi) and get a quote for a bog standard Hitachi drive for 30 rats.
Unfortunately for him, I know my Hindi numbers - and there was no room for him to backtrack when I questioned him about it.

This is so far beyond the Apple Computer Company philosophy!

Without further ado, I shall be reporting Fusion Logic to Apple in California for possible breaches of customer confidence.

It may very well be that the company itself is above board, but with Matthew and Sreeni (the bootleg software pusher) at the helm - they are purely bullshitting customers and lining their own pockets - while at the same time, driving the company into the ground.


muscati said...

In the past three years I've bought 3 MacBooks from Fusion Logic. Each of the MacBooks still works in perfect condition. The only problem I've had was crashed hard disk in the oldest one of them about a year and a half after I bought it. Crashed hard disks are common laptops and I had a full back up to restore from.

I have not had any issue like what you're describing. I have friends and family who also bought MacBooks and iMacs from Fusion with no complaints. I think between myself and circle of friends there would be at least 7 or 8 MacBooks purchased from there plus 2 or 3 iMacs.

You can complain to Apple if you want, but Apple doesn't care even if what you say was true. Apple does not have an official presence in the middle east. Apple has one official distributor in the MENA region, Arab Business Machines (ABM). ABM sells directly through its iStyle chain of retail stores and it also supplies through a system of authorised distributors (in Oman there's Fusion and Loay). Whatever Apple products you buy from ABM and its distributors are covered by ABM's warranty and ABM refuses to cover the Applecare warranty on any Apple product not bought through its network.

If Apple cared about its users in the Middle East it would have had its own presence here and not left us under the mercy of ABM.

Say what you want about Mathew and Sreeni, at least they provide good support to their customers. Dealing with them is much better than dealing with Loay.

Loay and Fusion both offer bootleg software to buyers. This is unfortunate, but so are Apple's exhorbitant prices in the Middle East. I've spoken to both Mathew and Loay about this and they both used the same excuse: the hardware prices are too expensive and peopel wouldn't buy if we make them pay for software licenses on top of already non-competitive hardware prices.

ABM will be opening an iStyle store in Oman within the next year (whenever the Muscat Grand Mall finally opens for business). At that time Apple users in Oman will have the option of dealing directly with Apple's exclusive distributor in the region. Until then, we have Fusion.

Jet Driver said...


Where have you been hiding?
Your blog is missed!


Anonymous said...

It's true that dealers in Muscat use parts (like RAM or a Hard Disk) from other suppliers around town. It's also true that these hardware are not Apple authorized hardware.

The same principle applies to a Dell, a Toshiba or a Sony. None of these manufacturers make their own RAM or HDDs, instead relying on already established ones to supply their needs.

So if you own a Dell and if your supplier installed a 3rd party drive on your machine would you be surprised?

What's wrong is the warranty... There's no such thing as an 'international warranty' for Apple products purchased in Oman for reasons mentioned by Muscati

Till an authorized Apple store comes into Oman, us Mac users have to fold our sleeves and dig into the dirt.



Anonymous said...

The problem is not the use of third party products in Apple systems. The problem is charging the Apple PREMIUM price - and then using those lower priced third party products. That is essentially deception on the part of the owners/operators.

Blewyn said...

Exactly. Users can just as easily buy their own replacement memory and hard drives etc. I put a 500GB drive in my macbook for 45R. Backed up and working fine.

However, if they are selling new macbooks and Mac Pros etc with 3rd party memory / hard drives as if they were genuine Apple.....

Jet Driver said...

"However, if they are selling new macbooks and Mac Pros etc with 3rd party memory / hard drives as if they were genuine Apple....."

...and there you have the reason for the blog.