Friday, 14 May 2010

Gays In Oman

Hello darlings!

Jet Driver has been up to his eye-balls in work for the past few weeks.
I will be blogging again in a few days.

In the meantime, why not pop over to our friends at Community Queer.

They are doing a great job of opening up the gay and lesbian community in Oman and are looking for guest contributors.
The lid won't be kept on this for long, so why not be one of the first to say what's on your mind!

See you soon!



Undercover Dragon said...

about time you pulled finger!

Jet Driver said...

Yeah sorry! Been busy!

Be patient! ;)

Undercover Dragon said...

One thing I've never, ever, been accused of is being patient...

"don't give me excuses, give me results!!!" (name that movie...)

Jet Driver said...

I'm ashamed to say it's "Madagascar"


Cap'n Jack said...

Why are you obsessed with gays in Oman. Are you one?

Anonymous said...

yeah i think you are, time to come out.