Wednesday, 23 June 2010

New Weekly Section...

Hello my darlings!

What a busy few weeks it has been, between ensuring safety for the flying public and moving some very very important people from A to Cairo and back again ;)

I would like to introduce a new section of the blog which I hope to conduct on a weekly basis and will be doing so with the help of my loyal readers.

The section is called:

"It's all about ME!"

After pondering the fact that there is virtually no accountability for people seemingly being allowed to do whatever they want on the roads, or by the side of the road, or in City Centre....I have decided that "naming and shaming" is the order of the day.

So if you see a moron who has stopped in the middle of the street and gotten out his car to use the ATM.

Or a fat waste of space who beeps his horn outside the hardware store because he was too fucking lazy to get out and buy a bag of nails (same for the ones who do it outside the local convenience store.)

And you can also include the impatient, more important than you, queue jumpers and crowd shovers too.

Get your camera - shove it in their fat lazy uncaring gob - take a photo and say:

"Congratulations! You're about to become a worldwide star of the Internet"

Then send it off, with your story to muscat.jetdriver AT googlemail DOT com
and if it looks like a runner and brings a smile to my oh so cynical face - I'll blog it!

Have a nice weekend y'all!


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

I'd totally send in pics of my Omani friends that do the annoying convenience store thing but then, they wouldn't be nice and hang curtains and the like for me anymore;p

I can't wait to take them to my home country and watch them try the same there though. It is something I am waiting for to take utter delight in.

Oman Collective Intelligence said...

Cool! I like the new section, i think it'll be very popular.