Sunday, 1 August 2010

The UAE Takes Another Evolutionary Leap Forward... permanently blocking Blackberry services in the interests of "national security".
They really are the benchmark for the region.

As Muscat Confidential says: "Best Avoided."
You can read all about it here:

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The United Arab Emirates says it plans to block some messaging and web services on BlackBerry smart phones beginning in October.
The country's telecommunications regulator said in a statement carried on state news agency WAM it is suspending services of messenger, e-mail and web browsing services.
The regulator says it made the decision after failing to bring the gadget's services in line with local laws.
UAE authorities said last week BlackBerry services could pose a threat to national security.
A spokeswoman for BlackBerry maker Research in Motion said the company had no immediate comment.

I have no words to describe stuff like this!
Paranoia doused with a heavy sprinkle of more paranoia.
Recently trying to place spyware on everyone's Blackberry, masked as an "update" from Etisalat.
Lies....pure and utter lies.

"The Business Centre of the Middle East" - don't make me laugh!
The sooner it all comes crashing down around them, the better.


Delirious in the Desert said...

Yep, BS @ its finest!!!

Oman Collective Intelligence said...

Amazing! Actually pathetic! Do you think Oman might follow??

Expat Mummy said...

Just makes you think that they really must have something serious to hide...but what can it be??

Jet Driver said...

They are hiding their fear.
This is nothing to do with National Security as in anti-terror.
It is all about hiding reality from it's people.

They don't want them to know about the rest of the world, about freedom of speech or democracy or the choice to be who you want to be and not suffer the consequences of the ruling family or a draconian police state.

It's paranoia of the highest order.

The deadliest thing that can happen in the UAE and other places in the MIddle East is that people with full, uncensored access to the internet will begin to think for themselves WITH ALL THE FACTS and not just the biased propaganda bullshit that they are spoon-fed now.

When that eventually happens, expect very dark days with massive oppression as the machine digs in and tries to save itself, but it will be too late.

Many will suffer but the internet is now too powerful. Knowledge will prevail.

Will Oman follow?
No, they won't.

I do firmly believe that HM is the most switched on leader in the entire GCC.
Seriously he is leagues ahead of the rest.


Nadia said...

Holy Shit

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

JD: I honestly do love Oman. I lived in UAE for a bit and couldn't take it. I wanted to DIE LOL.

Afterthought: No offense to the very nice Emiratis I met the other day, you folks were sweet.

Rummy said...

It isn't only the UAE that's taking that leap forward. Saudi is banning BB instant messenger later this month.

Stupidity at its best

Karim said...

Birds of a feather flock together, Oman will issue similar ban, mark my word. Its just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

I do firmly believe that HM is the most switched on leader in the entire GCC.

These are observations and reflections on what I experience during day to day life here, and should be received with tongue firmly in cheek.

I'll take your word for that.