Saturday, 7 August 2010

Once Again, Money Wins Out Over Privacy

It appears that due to the potential for a lucrative market, RIM have rolled over on the possible BlackBerry ban by allowing a server to be installed in Saudi where in the interests of 'national security' the authorities can snoop into your private life at their leisure.

You can read all about it I couldn't be arsed to write any more about it.


Anonymous said...

It was only expected. After all, RIM had provided the same to Russia and China. UAE will follow too no doubt; they are probably simply negotiating the price and PR aspects.

What's amusing with Saudi/UAE is that Blackberry users there probably always assumed that the respective governments could monitor at will, until all this argy-bargy took place.

-Omani in US

desertman said...

Does Oman have iPhones yet? Will they also have some services blocked? I have a Blackberry via my company for work - virtually everything on there has been blocked except for email and some texting services. Even the camera (a nice auto focus version) has been diabled. It's not just Gulf countries doing it!

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

New post!!!!