Sunday, 1 August 2010

They've Started Building...

I had to stop into Carrefour at City Centre yesterday while on my way to the airport.
The Indians are in full building mode, as the Middle East's commercial retail giant's version of Christmas kicks off.
Yes folks, Ramadan is almost upon us.

Walk into the French superstore and you will see that construction has begun on Vimto Towers and the equally high monolith that is made from Foster Clark's Powdered Orange Drink.

Looking like the entry to the monuments at Petra, there is a 20 foot high wall of cake mix on one side, and Mount Creme Caramel on the other.

The signs are also beginning to go up.
"Ramadan Kareem!"
"Carrefour is your best friend during Ramadan!"
"Look! Over here! Buy this!"
"Spend your money here!"

and my own special favourite:

"Now's your chance to be an even bigger winning your own Lexus!"

So let's have a look at the average shopping list for the festive season:

80 bottles of Vimto
20 tins of Foster Clark's in Orange, Mango and Pineapple
140 Creme Caramels
200 litres of Strawberry and Chocolate Milk
100 kg of Halwa
1 ton of Rice
1 ton of frozen beef
1 ton of frozen chicken
30 bags of samosa spices
30 boxes of flour
2 tons of batter mix
1000 litres of cooking oil
1 mountain of pasta shells
Half a ton of couscous
Sweets and Chocolate - as much as will go into a trolley.
Cakes - to fill another trolley
A rainforest's worth of paper plates and cups.
3 miles of plastic floor sheeting.
and whatever else can be stuffed into the gaps in the Land Cruiser.

The plus side to all of this consumption and spending, is that through typical Omani hospitality, I will be spending some amazing nights with my local hosts for their truly incredible Iftar meals.

I ate so much food at the last one, that I had to lie on the floor for an hour before I could get up to drive home!
Cutlets, fish kibba and samosas with coconut sauce.......I could eat those forever!
Then of course there is chicken or goat mandhi.....delicious!
Um Ali HAVE to try it!
Omani Halwa.....nyum nyums!

Have fun! And if you get invited to an Iftar meal.....accept! You will be very happy that you did!


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

I make Mexican, French, Moroccan, Saudi, Indian, and Italian food for my iftars:p so the only thing on that list that'll be a regular will be the Vimto (the Muslim's wine :) ). I die of over-meat and rice consumption while visitng during Ramadaan and Eid.

Oman Collective Intelligence said...

Is that the average list for a family or for an army??!! I love Iftar meals...

Delirious in the Desert said...

Um Ali = nom nom nom!!!

Rummy said...

Gosh you just made me hungry <3
Iftar meals are delicious even though its amazing how much food is wasted during the span of 30 days..!!

and it begins said...

hmph... again with ' the Indians...' :) .. whats with nyum nyum old man.. get with the scene yo .. its nom nom nom.. btw.. i was at the qurum CS and i saw local emo kids.. thoughts went directly to your older post.. had a good laugh. not at the kids of course.. they probably would have run home cut themselves and cried goth tears. ( thats what the emo kids do right ?)

Jet Driver said...

and it begins....

you sound like another very attractive blogger that I used to spar with a few months ago......and who I also have a crush on! ;)


and it begins said...

:) ... key word 'also'...

did her name happen to be Anisha?.... she definitely is ridiculously gorgeous.

i kid .. i kid. :)

have fun on your vacation. :)


Jet Driver said...

Thanks babe! :)