Monday, 9 March 2009

Working For "The Man"

Crikey! This is a far different experience than the last time! 
Went to the Civil Status Centre this morning - no queueing for the Jet Driver. Something screamed in Arabic from the back of the room by the PRO and Oman's finest parted the crowd like the Red Sea. 

Fingerprints: No more messy hands! All digital now! Wow! Just like in the embassy of a certain big place, the last time I went to get a flight training visa. Like something out of Star Trek - and the cops seem fairly adept at using the stuff as well. 

Over across the road for a resident's card. Photo taken...."Nope, don't like that! I look cross-eyed! Can you take it again please? Much better! Thank you." 

A handful of rials later and Jet Driver is legal again! 

Took the coast road as far as Shatti and noticed the improvements there. The new junctions are very "Abu Dhabi" don't you think? And then the new diners and bread shops beside the Beach Hotel - christ, it's only been eight weeks since I left! Nice! Keep it up folks! 

Didn't make it down to Ruwi to get my Grog Licence yet though. Can't have a house-warming barbecue without beer and wine! Oh no! 
Need to get a few nights on the terrace in before it starts to get mental hot again! 

Right! I'm off to Unfair to get some grossly over-priced steaks and potatoes. Later, my pretties! 


Muscato said...

What else you need to know:

- even better than the frontage shops at the new "Bareeq al-Shatti" across from the Beach is the ice cream place tucked inside. Insanely expensive, and entirely worth it.

- The al-Bustan is up and running and has hands down the best Friday brunch running, although the jury's out on their deluxe "Vue" restaurant...

- Sultan Center is in the midst of renovations that look to make it the leading supermarket - already, they've massively upgraded meat and produce. Al Fair better watch its back!

- Absolutely nothing else has changed. As long as you don't have a dog.

Welcome back!

Anonymous Lurker said...

LuLu has massively upgraded its fresh fruit and veg offerings lately as well.

And wow... poor dog owners... totally stupid law.

fred_says said...

oh for goodness sake

go to Carrefour

Al Expensive is not worth it

Anonymous said...

I would love to hang around and work with you all some more, but there are other countries with the requirements you had two years ago so, it is time to put on a new pair of brown trouser protectors, and I must go and play in another garden and go through the whole show again. To the rest of my loyal readers, I hope to come back again in a new form, somewhere else in the world and hack away at the good, the bad and the ugly of where you are and where I am.

And there we were hoping we had got rid of you for ever...

boxster said...

Yeah man, wtf, too much qatt for you in Yemen :) ?

Srsly, did you check out the diner? Is it a diner in an American sense? Driven past it but haven't been inside.

You're the Sultan's jet boy now?

Carrefour it: more choice, fresher selections. I go to Unfair for bread and weird stuff like tofu.

Welcome back.

Jet Driver said...

Muscato & AL: Thanks for the hints

Fred: Carrefour is cheap and cheerful, but a f*cking nightmare most evenings. Might blog about that later on: "How to use a shopping trolley".

Anonymous: Not a chance mate. One has to cover his bases!

Boxster: Shhhhhhhhhh! ;)


jana z. said...

what a life you have...where can i apply?

Fred_says said...

JD - Friday mornings (assuming you're not a Muslim) is THE time to go to Carrefour.

Most labourers are still having a well deserved sleep at 9am, and most Omanis are with their families.

The aisles are empty of people, there's only one or two folks in the queue for the veggy weighing, and you have a pick of the checkout aisles.

Darn - now everyone else will go there then! Shucks..... :-)

Anonymous Lurker said...


Blog something interesting already... I'm bored...