Friday, 4 December 2009

Door to Door Begging Scam

In relation to the thread posted a while ago about the man who knocks on the door and says that his father is sick and a doctor for His Majesty.....
Well, he has just knocked on Jet Driver's door.

I gave him no money and then attempted to follow him but he drove so wrecklessly that I had to stop my pursuit.

He is driving a rented car and the registration plate is 6386T - a small white car.

Can anyone tell me now who would be the best person to contact about this scam?


According to the ROP, if he did not take any money then there is no point in me pursuing him. However, they did say that if any of you out there have lost money to him that they can pick him up using the data from the registration of the vehicle and then he can be charged if you recognise him.



Undercover Dragon said...

Go Detective JD!

What, no picture??? [why yes, poor man, let me get my (camera) er, wallet!]

Suburban said...

I've done this a few times for similar issues.

Clear at Least four hours of your time. Take an Omani Friend, and go to your local police station, or better, Baushar station near the Al Khuwair R/A. Ask to speak to the Ranking officer.

Give the police the plate number and the details of the situation. They can tell you which rental company the car is registered to. You, hopefully they will take it from there. If not, then call the rental company and get the details of who rented the car. Give these to the police, in writing, in Arabic and they will call the guy and make him come in to the police station.

It takes forever, and you will have to explain, repeatedly, in really simple terms. I can say that both times I've been robbed the police have totally looked after me, and I got the stuff back (eventually). It's totally worth the effort especially because they will haul the asshole up in front of you and you can give him a lecture.

I'd be happy to come in and identify him, if it's the same guy that scammed me. I'd like my 30 bucks back.

good Luck.

boxster said...

good job man !

Undercover Dragon said...

Hey JD,

You made the Times of Oman today!!!

Jet Driver said...

Awesome isn't it! :)


Anonymous said... networking site..???
Have I missed all the personal ads somewhere on the site??

Saleh said...

Omani Navy - Indian Navy exercise Dec 11th - 16th. RAFO Jags will be participating... Time to kick pirate ass!

Saleh said...

RNOV Al Temsah and Al Batinah will be participating.

firebolt said...

I spent most part of my boring saturday night reading your blog,I stumbled upon it last night by sheer luck!I`hve lived in muscat for about a good 23years and i whole heartedly agree with each and everything you posted,and i applaud your passion to blog about your experiences unlike us who vent in solitude or in arms of our loved ones ;)! I read in a particular post you were looking for a program(less said the better) so let me know!
Keep up the good work mate!

Jet Driver said...


Glad you like the blog.
All in good fun, and law-abiding of course!


redcatblackcat said...

So this is a bit off-topic, but is a somewhat desperate request from a fellow Mac user in Oman (cf. your posting in Nov. 2008: I'm a first-semester professor at the University of Nizwa running OS least until today, when my laptop fell off the table. The long and the short of it is that I'm looking around for anyone in the Muscat/Nizwa vicinity who might have an OSX Install disk. I can of course go to Fusion Logic or Loay etc., but I have a feeling they'll want me to charge me an arm and a leg to buy a whole new system, when all I need is to run the startup disk once to get my system back online (or at least confirm that my computer is really toast). I don't even have to borrow the disk: just need to meet up somewhere (I'm new here, but the Muscat City Centre Borders I do know) to run it for a moment to get it going.

I know this is a weird request from a random stranger (the irony of this being a comment on a blog about scams has not escaped me), but I hope a fellow Mac lover or two will be willing to help out.

You can reach me at qhua19-AT-yahoo-DOT-com...hopefully the internet will not spam that too too much!

One way or another, my apologies for the off-topic "comment" and my thanks for your time and patience.

Jet Driver said...


Jet Driver is running Snow Leopard.
However, if you have dropped your Mac and need to go a fresh install, I am sorry to say that you have probably lost any data on the disk as well.

The new Loay shop in the Al Araimi Centre in Qurum has a very switched on technician who will be happy to help you with an install disk and a check up.

Don't go into the store. go down along the right side of it and there is a door at the back. Bang on it and the tech will crawl out.
The guy behind the counter is a twat!