Monday, 18 May 2009

Being Cool at the Café

Jet Driver is still noticing this on his regular drives around the hippest joints in Muscat: Shatti, MQ and City Centre. have to get a grip on this one, especially if you want to impress the chicks.
You've got the freshly pressed dishdasha with the customised trim around the sleeves and down the front to match your headgear - you look the part. 
The Porsche Cayenne is parked on the curb outside: ain't no sense in using a parking space because the fine is only 3 rats, but yet - you still insist on buying a takeaway coffee and using a seat.......why?

Seats outside are for folks who pay a surcharge for seats. If you want to roll with your latté then go ahead and do so, but if you wanna sit and chill with it homie, then ya needs to pay for da mug!

All to save a hundred baisa? FFS!


Muscato said...

Geez, old guy, you just don't understand - at any moment, the GSMs might light up with news from the homies of...

....more opportunities to drive around in circles.

You're right, they should pay for the freaking mugs.

At least they provide some harmless entertainment when sitting - as opposed to the lethal kind when driving...

(and no cries of racism, please - I think our homegrown faux-gangstas are just as ridiculous, if not more so, back home.)

Amjad said...

Surcharge for seats?

Is there actually such a thing? Which coffee shop is this?

boxster said...

I think the barista sees how badass the dudes are and gives them a paper cup on purpose, so as to avoid broken mugs in a testosterone-fueled brawl !

Jet Driver said...

How's life across the pond, mate? It's been AGES!

Places like Costa's no charge extra for "sit-in" coffees, in order to compensate for the wear and tear on their Home Centre seats.
(New blog on Home Centre coming very soon, peeps!)

What stuns me is the the souq mentality of "hey I will just pay for a takeaway one and shaft Starbucks for 100 baisas"......have already moved one group of individuals on, who had in effect tried to rip me off for a seat.

Fair is fair - tow the line. It makes life easier for everyone.


Undercover Dragon said...

Glad to see you getting back to some semi-regular rants JD. Keep this up and I'll have to update your tag on my blogroll!

Isn't the difference due to some kind of Municipality tax? If you drink inside it's taxed as a restaurant item; take away it isn't...

Keep up the non-PC observations mate.


Jet Driver said...


Been a bit busy of late.
One will make a conscious effort to inflict more upon my readers.

JD :)

Amber said...

I really don't like the whole "tax if you stay" concept. It feels backwards to me...but I think that is because people don't really tip here. I'm used to a takeaway tax because they aren't staying to tip...and a tip if you stay without the extra tax. It all boggles my mind.

But then...even if they got the cup, the cafe still loses out because one cup = at least 3 hours of seating time. It's ridiculous! said...

Aha, I think I would be one of those people who would get a paper cup instead of the mug and sit in, unless they list that you have to pay for sit in. Then I would pay and still get a paper cup..

never trust how clean those mugs are :s

so, don't be haten on me if you see me with a paper cup!

Jet Driver said...


I never looked at it from that perspective.
Now you have got me thinking!


Bobby said...

You are making me feel that Indian Cafes are better!

But this idea is so cheap!

boxster said...

Reality has nailed it !

The tax is not a tip, it goes to the municipality, not the baristas.

Besides, the only people getting screwed at Starbucks/Second Cup/Costa are the consumers that pay exorbitant prices for over-roasted (read burnt) coffee beans of indefinite age.