Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Markaz Al Madness

Have been meaning to blog about this one for a while:

Jet Driver took a trip to Markaz Al Bahja a while back, and witnessed the following scenario unfurl on an otherwise dreary day.

In an effort to expedite his arrival, one of the ROP Fire Service trucks, while on its way to an incident (sirens and blue lights a-go-go), attempted to rat-run through the car park at MAB, only to find that some inconsiderate twat, had parked, or should I say abandoned, their vehicle by the side of the road - thereby blocking the route for the truck. 

Then, as the truck attempted to reverse out of this predicament, a black jeep with three women inside, drove up the inside of the truck......and parked - with all three females summarily disembarking and heading towards the mall - oblivious to the fact that they had just blocked the truck from reversing. 

It gets better.....

In a panicked effort to get the attention of said women, the driver goes to get out and call them, only to find that he now cannot get the door open! So the guy in the passenger side, who has now discovered that he has the same problem, gets ordered out the window.  

Then, as everyone stands there gawping and distracted, three more cars come and park behind the jeep!
Loads of screaming, arm-waving and finger-pointing later, there was still no sign of anyone's car being moved.
At that stage, a now near doubled-over Jet Driver walked the 50 metres to his car, and drove away along the back road.

This place is so random. 


Omanymous said...

That is SOME story dude ..
i wish i was there to witness ..

why was the truck there to begin with? do you know ? was there a fire at MAB?P

Anonymous Lurker said...

Oh that's so funny!

I wonder why the ROP didn't just bash the car out of the way? If it's an emergency, it's an emergency. Right?

omanobserver said...

Excellent - a perfect illustration of that lethal combination of selfishness, lack of consideration and stupidity that is becoming so common here.


Undercover Dragon said...


They should have just bashed their way through, if it really was an emergency.

But with houses all made of cement, fires aren't a huge problem are they?

Reality said...


They should start towing every car that parks in a fire zone, or emergency route, or just randomly anywhere....

Anonymous said...


If this happened on the 18th I might have a picture of the fire!

At around 5 in the evening, driving along the highway from Al Khuwair towards Gubrah I noticed a thick black pall of smoke somewhere off to the right. Turned in to the Select just before Gubrah R/A for a coffee and noticed that the fire was just a street away. The fire truck, when it finally made an appearance about 5/6 minutes later, was hopelessly blocked by gawkers parked all over the place. Just then a palm tree near the house that was on fire erupted in flames and I used my phone camera to get a picture. Can send it to you if you let me have your email add. Mine is grassystarATgmailDOTcom. (Replace the CAPS with the obvious).


farkknight said...

In a bit more lawless societies, cars are simply towed, pushed, pulled away. Since the firetrucks do have the horsepower to do so, they do it. Better save some lives rather than a car, no matter how expensive.

In more 'my rights, your rights' places, citations and fines are issued. Sometimes on the spot, sometimes later. And these are usually heftier than normal ones, 'obstruction of emergency services'.

Something of this sort has to be done.


omanobserver said...

And in more "it's our culture" places, selfishness rules.

Blewyn said...

The firemen should have been within their rights to push the car out of the way AND charge the owner for any damage to the truck. To think that someone could have been burning while this sorry spectacle took place !

ynotoman said...

that’s a real winner – the other day I saw a Shell Petrol Tanker undertaken on a by a car – oh it was on a ‘L turn’ - onto a main road the inevitable happened and the car got crushed as the tanker completed its maneuver – thank god there was no explosion; perhaps the Fire Tender could have accidentally completed its maneuver and crushed those 4 cars.
But talking of selfishness – what about the lazy XXXXXX's who park in Disabled Bays and walk away.

farkknight said...

Oh, that happens routinely. these 18-wheelers cannot use the innermost lane when they are turning in an L-turn or smaller, so they use the outer lane. Even though the experienced drivers give all the proper hazards and turn signs, once in a while an over-zealous (or hopelessly dumb) driver sees the empty lane and thinks that everyone else is an idiot for not using it... and gets plastered!!

I say serves them right. But I wonder who is the faulty party in such an event?