Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Racing In Muscat

I'm in the process of designing a new computer game which will make me millions of dollars!

You go down the road, down the road, faster and faster.
Then you turn a sharp 180 degrees and you go up the parallel road, faster and faster, and then another 180 and you do this 300 times and "oh, this looks familiar" - and then as you progress further you have to start dodging different vehicles coming the opposite way. 

You get different points for dodging different ones - Smart cars, Echoes, Getz (all "trainer" cars) then you also have Camrys, Avalons and Optimas with a smattering of Hi-Luxes and Prados (you get mega points if you can dodge one of these!).

There are also "baddies" that run out in front of you. You are allowed to use any number of high calibre weapons to blast the hell out of these. You can also go back to basics if you want and use knives or even a lance or spear which you can put out of your car window.

Finally, there is a "twilight zone" that you can fall into where all the exit-sign arrows bring you back to the same place - except for one which will give you freedom and win you the game trophy.

Yes folks, "Grand Theft Auto: Lulu's Car Park" - Coming soon to a computer store near you!


Reality said...

Couldn't stop laughing reading this!

You forgot the cars that block the lane and park behind others to be closer to the entrance..!

I think killing those with explosives to get them to disappear would be awesome!

Jet Driver said...


Yes - explosives! Good idea.
Will add it to the program.


Kishor Cariappa said...

May be the game can be introduced to the market at the next ‘Traffic Awareness Week’ event.

Bobby said...

Do send me a copy to India - jus make sure the Indian one has loads of bikes, cycles, bullock-carts....LOL

Farmer Joe said...

Oh that post is too could also add LULU's from different cities to the program...they are all shite!!!!