Sunday, 31 May 2009

Oman Air's New Buses

Oman Air have finally begun flying their Muscat to London route using proper airplanes.
Two shining Airbus A330s have now replaced the two piles of shite that were the Airbus A310s belonging to wet-lease company HiFly from Portugal. 

For those who flew on the Portuguese aircraft, and mostly got off it saying "Never again!", I would recommend a trip on the new offering which will give you a far more pleasurable flying experience, although not quite as excellent as it is going to get when the custom ordered fleet starts arriving in September.

Oman Air crews are particularly instrumental in you having a great time on board, and without them providing their excellent service on those Lisbon buckets of bolts, Jet Driver can only imagine what that seven-hour horror would be like.

Congratulations Oman Air!


sabihkhan said...

I've learned from WY staff that these A/C are on dry-lease from Jet Airways (India), and are about 10-13 years old. But have much quieter cabins than the 310s.

Jet Driver said...


Yes, they belong to Jet Airways - but are in far better nick than the other two :)

As I said, the new models coming in September will be great.


sabihkhan said...

Isn't it going to be difficult for WY to maintain two different types of aircraft makes, nowadays airlines are going either for Boeing or Airbus, since it takes more financial involvement for the airline to train their engineers/technicians on different technologies. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Jet Driver said...


It's not difficult at all, once the engineering facilities are in place.
The choices that Oman Air have made for their aircraft fleet are good ones all round.
The Airbus A330 is great for long-haul travel and is very cost effective and the Boeing 737NG is as tough as nails, and works really well for the job of rapid turnaround short-haul operations.

Remember that Oman Air are also using the ATR-42 and are rumoured to also be purchasing Embraer 170s to add to the short-haul fleet, more than likely to service the new domestic routes opening up in Adam etc.

That makes 4 problem.


fred_says said...

flew oman air to dubai & back recently.

trip out - appalling service (hostess dropped contents of overhead locker & newspaper tray on my head - business class!)

trip back - wonderful service - couldnt have asked for more.

consistency though is something i value.

Abdi said...

JD, Will the Oman air Airbuses (the ones on lease from Jet Airways) from London to MCT have good inflight entertainment system i.e seat front TV's etc.

Was thinking of flying them to MCT.

Jet Driver said...


All Jet Airways A330 have full IFE with in-seat screens


Oman said...

Had a good flight Muscat / London on Oman Air ; will fly back Etihad so will compare