Monday, 19 October 2009

Begging Scam

Imagine my surprise when I read a comment on Suburban's blog recently. I am not the best at putting links into my blogs so you'll have to make do with me copying and pasting Boxster's comments:

"a well dressed man (clean and ironed dishdasha, designer shades) with great english skills stopped by today, apologized profusely, tried to explain that he was a neighbor, locked himself out, his brother is driving from the interior with the spare keys, his father had a stroke a few hours ago, his father's normal doctor of 25 years is traveling with the royal family, and the interim doctor needs payment; all in all asking me for 27 rials.

i said that i didn't know him well enough to lend him money.

one of those days i'll drop by his house (the one supposedly behind the farthest visible from our gates) to check up on his dad.

this is the number to report begging:

What made me reel from reading this is that this is the exact story and individual who ripped off a very kindly Oman Air captain a few weeks ago.
This guy may be targeting ex-pats only as I think that he wouldn't get away with doing this to a local.

Maybe Boxster can shed some more light on where it took place etc, either by commenting here or by email.

Be careful!


Anonymous said...

OMW.... We were caught with the same scam... OMR 70 tho....

Thanks for the warning...

Jet Driver said...

The Oman Air guy got caught for RO 40 - such a scumbag thing to do - to play the neighbour card - he just couldn't say no!



Anonymous said...

A woman once stopped by our house claiming to be a neighbour down the street. She asked me for the 'madame of the house', and I gullibly obliged by calling my mum.

My mum actually invited her in and served her tea. When she launched into her story (landlord about kick them out, please help with rent), my mum caught on and asked her to please leave, which she did.

She was Syrian/Jordanian, desperately trying to speak with an Omani accent.

-Omani in US

boxster said...

my experience was in azaiba

i couldn't tell if he was a legit omani, but he was dressed as one

i did pass by the house in question, it's inhabited by an expat family :)

fred_says said...

kindly oman air pilot?

this wasnt the same twazzock that dropped us from 20,000 ft to 10,000ft in 3 minutes over Belgium a couple of months ago, and landed at Heathrow on one wheel?

if it was, the chap deserves all the rip offs he gets...

yours in rant,

boxster said...

oh yeah, i could pick him out from a line-up too

i'd say about 5'11, meaty build on the heavier side, mustache

Jet Driver said...

Boxster - that Oman Air guy would be an Indian from Jet Airways and not "one of ours"


Suburban said...

I got hit by the same guy like 14 months ago, and blogged about it as well. I'm such a sucker.

And thanks, JD. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Had the same story from the same person - locked out of my car..
Unfortunately, I just got rid of him, without thinking about the following:
I'm hoping he will call back so that I can do the following, and I suggest other readers do the same:
'Of course I'd be willing to help, just wait a minute.'
Go into house and collect large hammer
'Right, let's go to your car and you can smash the window to get in. It's obviously an emergency, and you must get in.'
Preferably take someone with you with a video camera so that you can film what the joker does.

ynotoman said...

ah - but what if the car isnt even his

Anonymous said...

I run a business and we were caught with this scam - I paid him 100RO - the aim being to help establish a good community spirit as well.

3 weeks later he turned up at my residence obviously accidentally, but made a rapid escape once I told him he had already ripped me off once before.

What do you do? - grab him? - beat the crap out of him? hold him till the authorities get there? - I was perplexed so I let him go - much to the ridicule of my better half!