Sunday, 18 October 2009

My First Hate Mail!

This came to my inbox last night.
I can only say that I was so scared that I stayed up all night in the wardrobe, living in fear that they would act on their words. I quote:

"You stink wite ass peece of shet!
We no weer you leeve now and tonight we is killin you.
You die muderfacker! Yes we com for you and what can you do ha.
We cat you trot and eyes out. Then you see what happins!
Tonight you dieing!"



Suburban said...

That is Awesome!!!! Congratulations. Are you not going to publish thier email address and IP?


Balqis said...

lol in the wardrobe, that was smart of you
I am big girl, if you need help lemme know

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a couple of disgruntled homosexuals from Markaz Al Bahja.


Jet Driver said...


Surely you mean "homerzekshools" :)


boxster said...

get out of the closet, ehm, i mean, wardrobe :)

Bobby said...

LOL! perhaps they were some idiots...
may be gays as ipsy said!

@ boxster: Nice one! LOL!

fred_says said...

erm, without being pedantic, if you "cat" MJD's "eyes out", please tell me how he can "see what happins"?

yours ever so confused,

Jet Driver said...


That's what I found most amusing about the whole message!


fred_says said...

I did find it rather odd he referred to you as a piece of bed linen in the first "sentence". Is that some sort of insult with the young folks nowadays?

fred (again)

Nadia said...

Ahahaah... just what I needed with my morning coffee. I love it.

Write a note back to them ... and post it here.

Kamil said...

HAHA! Its the homosexual mafia out to get you! LOOOL!

Jamilla Camel said...

Whenever I get trolls on my blog, I make sure I publish their IP, asking my dear fellow bloggers to ban them too! Mine haven't been nearly as colourful...the worst I got was "golfball cheeks" and "witchy chin"!


Anonymous said...

awwww hehhheheeh so cute!!

this is like the best hate mail everrrrr

i can imagine the little tiny thing screeaming his/her lungsss out like donald duck or something loool

if i were you, i would just like to meet the person and perhaps ask for a picture

♥hind♥ said...

"We cat you trot and eyes out. Then you see what happins! " Not really.