Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Pizza Hut - Salalah

I have to say....Salalah is lovely. Really lovely.
Nice people, nice town and a great coffee shop called Brownies with awesome, switched on staff.

And it is based on the subject of "switched on" that I would like to suggest that some of the Brownies staff be moved to Pizza Hut (it's only a few doors down the road) where I went the other night around 9pm.
(I am assuming the original Pizza Hut Training Team are the same ones who did the job at Darcy's Kitchen.)

Consider it a consultancy move where the staff can be trained to recognize simple little customer service requirements like:

Registering the arrival of a customer.
Coming to get the customer's order within the first half an hour.
Listening to what the customer has asked for and bringing it to them instead of bringing whatever you had in the fridge.
Washing knives and forks, glasses and the table that your guest is at.
Knowing the difference between Pepsi and Orange soda (there is a brilliant visual cue that can be used to help with this)
and finally:

When my order eventually came, I ate my pizza while listening to the following:

"Do The Hokey Cokey" - sung by the children from The Barney Show. Loudly. On repeat.

Suspiciously similar to the CD that they use in the toy shop at City Centre which acts like a forcefield, stopping customers from staying for longer than it takes to walk up and down the first aisle.

Did I ask for it to be changed after the third round? Of course I did.
Did they solve the problem? No.

Instead, they just released the repeat button so that I got happy, clappy, $10,000 dollar child dental-work versions of:

"Happy Birthday To You"
"If You're Happy, And You Know It, Clap Your Hands"

"Ten Green Bottles Hanging On The Wall" faded into the background as I left both the pizza and the incompetency behind.

Altogether now: "Ohhhhhhhhhh Hokey Cokey Cokey! Ohhhhhhhhhh......"

Simply useless!


Clare said...

I hear you. So often these super simple customer service things just don't leaves me thinking: do they enjoy listening to the worst of children's tunes?


Jamilla Camel said...

Pizza Hut..say no more!

Rameez Al Mandhari said...

Eastern Bridge over?? Saw the pics... amazing stuff!!! My new wall paper on laptop. I heard both scored well in Aqzail.

Karim said...

During my teens, I used to go the Alkhoudh Pizza hut for my pizza fix, and every day I am there, they will be playing bollywood dance routines at high decibles, so I decided to purchase a remote control watch, and switch off the damn telli whenever I am there, and enjoying the commedy of them trying to switch it on, and I switching it off again.

Amber said...

Karim is totally cool!

JD - the kid music would have literally sent me over the edge. It is a good thing they don't allow firearms in Oman...although in Qatar....I've seen hunting shops.

Nadia said...

Dude, this is Salalah. The Pizza Hut plays ONLY children's songs. Hokey Pokey is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than horrible cheesy Arabic kids' songs sung by plastic surgery heavily-made-up-fake body-parts- Lebanese chicks. Lucky for you, you weren't facing the TV screen.

As for Browniz, the waitresses are pretty intelligent and take your order without a notepad (and remember it!) ..

However, their desserts always taste a little old, except for the mousse and cheesecake..

Sigh..we need more places to 'eat' in Salalah.