Wednesday, 7 April 2010

40th Anniversary Greed

I was having a look at the Oman Forum earlier today and found one of the tons of rumours going around about what His Majesty is going to do during his 40th year of leadership.

Yes, almost forty years ago, His Majesty came to the throne and began to provide great things and a proper, stable future for the people of Oman.

That is what Omanis should be celebrating - His Majesty - and the incredible insight and vision he has, and how much has been gained by Omanis from that.

Not "What is HM going to give me for the 40th?" "I've heard a rumour that I am getting this....or that."

I've seen this so much since I got here: "Me, me, me!"
Driving, shopping, consuming, queuing and of course, handouts!

Sit back and have a long look at what HM has given you over the past forty years.
Security. Safety. Improved infrastructure. Healthcare to rival anything in the modern world. The opportunity to create personal wealth.

It sickens me that most of you still have this "cap in hand" - "the government should pay" mentality.

It is time for the handouts to stop! Some of you just do not deserve them!
Look at the subsidized electricity and water that you have.
Nobody says, "Thank you, I appreciate it and will endeavor to be conservative with its usage."

On the contrary - again we have the "we are entitled to it" attitude.

Lights all over the outside of villas, all lights on inside the house, spraying the garden with water to have plants that are not even indigenous to Oman....all paid for mostly by HM.

And look at how you squander it! The resources are already now at a low, thanks to your excesses and lack of forethought.

Get this....
HM owes you nothing. Nada! - and I have been told that he hates rumour-mongering, so if you really value the possibility that he may generously pay off loans for the over 50's, then you might want to stop rumouring it.

Also, I wonder how many Omanis under 50 will be transferring loans into the names of older relatives in the hopes of making a fast buck? Loads of you!

Grow up! - and stop being so disgustingly greedy!


Nadia said...

My thoughts exactly. Omanis have become accustomed to being 'served' by the government. It's time we/they woke up and started appreciating what an enlightened man His Majesty is and how DAMN LUCKY we are to be living in such a country!

Stimulus said...

Couldn't agree more :)

boxster said...

JD i got a great blog title for you: On His Majesty's Air Service :)

Suburban said...

Bravo JD!

Could Not have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back JD!

Anonymous said...

This is just plain old human nature; nothing striking here. Teach a man to fish and all that.

-Omani in US

Sythe said...

Couldn't agree more either. Well said, my sentiments exactly.

Where's the Baisa Bus One?!


Anonymous said...

Not convinced raw selfishness it isn't just part of the regional genetic makeup. Can't remember the exact quote but in his early travels out of Salalah in the late 40s Thesiger was struck by the overt greed of everyone he met, at one point describing life between bedu groups as "an endless round of cadging and being cadged from..."

These days it manifests itself differently - straight to the front of every queue, however selfish and inconsiderate it might be, expecting constant handouts, assuming someone else will do all your dirty work for you...


Per Your Request said...

well said. A gift should never be expected or depended on! Stop overspending and living beyond your means and you wont need anyone to clear your loans. Has our rationality been clouded by previous gifts, and now our consumption decisions have factored in OUR gifts.

Undercover Dragon said...


Indeed the rumours are flying, and the ones about loan repayments especially.

Unfortunately, I suspect it will actually happen in some form...

But - perhaps fortunately - even HM can't cover all the personal loans in this country. Everyone seems to be in massive debt.